My allottment – rehoming strawberries

Hi everyone

The patch we choose was in quite a mess when we took it over but looking over our patch we discovered some strawberries plants completely covered by nettles, weeds and all sorts of rubbish.

We wanted to rescue them as we love strawberries and it seems a shame to let them go to waste. Our neighbor on one side of our allotment has had his allotment for 25 years and it is the most amazing allotment I have ever seen. His advice was that is would be a good idea is to replant them elsewhere in a cleaner and fresher plot. So we decided to take his advice and we weeded a little plot that had been boarded off by the person who had the allotment before. It might not look to exciting but it was lovely to have a clear free little plot.

We then dug down in the new plot little holes with my little shovel and made the holes about 5 or 6 inches down then we dug under the strawberries about 5 inches down and sort of cupped them in there own patch of soil and placed them in the new holes and then packed them down.

They are very small and had been battered and bruised but we were hoping they might revive with new soil and a bit of TLC. You can see that they are not the biggest or most blooming plants but they are now mine and I will be trying to keep them alive.

The allotment manager advised us that we really need to keep the strawberries well watered. The water isn’t turned on at our allotment till April each year so we stated taking water bottles down and watering the strawberries. They did start to perk up so we shall see how they get on.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this.