My cruelty free face masks

Hi everyone

I am a big fan of face mask. I wear make up everyday to work including foundation, powder, bronzer and blusher and then at the weekend just powder and blusher and although I do take my make up off diligently every day I feel it is important to give my skin an extra clean with a mask.

I have a few favourite masks that I really like that all range in prices from £1 to £25  and also for a range of different effects.


I use a number of masks from Superdrug that are between £1 and £2 each. They are often single use masks but at that price they are a really good find. The dead sea purifying mask is good on a Friday after a weeks worth of foundation, powder and stress at work. It gets right into the pores and leaves my skin feeling fresher and also gets rid of any excess oil. It is designed for oily skin so I do have to be careful on areas such as my cheeks that it doesn’t dry them out. I often use this is in conjunction with the nose strips to really clear my pores.

If my skins feeling dry I use the sheet mask, I really like this one as it leave the residue on my skin which sounds bad but it isn’t it allows me to rub it in and leave my skin feeling great.

Last but not least is the tee tree oil mask which is a newer one I tried, I did like this one if I wanted a really deep clean but it left my skin much dryer than the dead sea mask so I think I will stick to that in the future.


At a slightly higher price point is the Lush cupcake mask. I love this so much, it smells like chocolate but more to the point is a miracle worker on blemishes and oily skin. It is very messy but like all lush products so worth a bit of mess. It dries very quickly and it really does feel like I have new skin. It doesn’t exfoliate but it is a slightly rougher texture so it feels like it does take off the dead skin. The price is £7.50 and it probably lasts about 3 full face masks.


Next is The Body shop Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask. This one is an exfoliator as well so again is very messy but so worth it. This one is the most intense mask and I do have to be a little careful as I can leave my skin a little bit red if I leave it on to long. It really does dry almost to dust on the skin but for any blemishes or oily skin it is a miracle worker/. The price of this mask is £17 so it is more expensive but it is quite a big tub and because it is the most intense you wouldn’t use this any more than once every couple of week and personally I only use it on my T Zone so is does last well.

Last but no least is the Aveda Radiance mask, this is the mask I use when I need to be more gentle with my skin. It is very smooth and makes my skin feel clean and fresh but it is gentler than the other masks. The price is £28.50 so it is the most expensive mask but again is very worth it. It smells and feels very natural with no chemical smell or feel. My skin doesn’t go red and I can use the mask often without drying my skin.

I would love to hear what masks you use, do you have any recommendations for me to try? I think its important to use high end and also affordable masks so I’m up for trying your recommendations.

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  1. I loooovee Lush’s Cupcake!

  2. Great one with a great message, well done!!

  3. Cupcake is lovely but you should get 6 to 8 masks out of it. Try applying it slightly thinner to get better value for money xx

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