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Face powder is probably one of the first make up products that I starting using when I was younger, I have always had oily skin and so I think this is why this was my first concern with make up. I used to use the Rimmel face matte powder and it was really so much my desert island item. I still do really like powder now and here are the powders I am currently using.


My favourite two powders for everyday were are the Natural Collection translucent loose powder and the Natural Collection matte face powder. I use these just about every day and every time I go out at night. The translucent loose powder I use on my t-zone and I use this to blot and ‘set’ my foundation with a powder brush. I tend to use this on days when I am busy and I need my make up to stay in place. The face powder I use on top to add a light coverage and also to set the rest of my foundation. These are both very light and as the collection suggests very natural.


The other powders I use are the Collection Lasting Perfection and the MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect. I prefer the Natural Collection powders on my face as they are so light, soft and natural so I actually use these two powders in slightly different way. I use them on my eyes! The Lasting perfection I use on my eye lids if I need to have matte eyelids for example if I am using eye liner but not eye shadow. I have quite oily eye lids, random but true, so I find the Lasting Perfection so matte that it keep my eye lids matte all day however for my face this can be a little too matte and therefore drying.

The MUA skin define I use on my eye lashes (really!). The colour when I brought it is slightly different to my skin so while it is ok if I run out to use as a back up it is not the best for my skin. As mentioned above I have oily eye lids and I have also very sensitive eye which often run due to hay fever, dryness or something as simple as air con so even waterproof mascara is not enough for me. So I use a face powder, I put my waterproof black mascara on then while it is still wet I dip my finger in the pot of loose powder then I stroke this over my eye lashes then I put on top of that clear mascara and for me this works wonders! I have to be careful not to get it in my eye and also to brush away the excess but it really does work to stop my mascara getting underneath my eyes.

The black mascara make my lashes longer, thicker and fuller and then the powder and the clear mascara make sure it doesn’t look like I have terrible eye bags.


So the other face powders I use are my bronzers, I’m not sure if people class these as face powders but they are powders ad I put them on my face so I felt they fitted in this post.


The first powder I use if the ELF bronzer, it is the smallest pack and so is perfect for travelling or carrying in my handbag to work. It looks really dark in my picture but it doesn’t come across this way on my face. It is a matte bronzer and so doesn’t have the sparkly bits in that some bronzers do. I choose matte bronzers because my skin is not always perfect and so sometimes I feel the sparkly bits highlight the blemishes or skin texture. It is a really soft powder and doesn’t sit on top of my face so really easy to blend.


The other bronzer I use is the MUA Bronzed Perfection Shimmer. This might look like it goes against everything I just said but while it looks shimmery and is called shimmer it is only the pattern on top. I kept looking at this and putting it down as I didn’t realise this to start off with. I brought this and what I will do it either brush the shimmer off or use it once as an eye shadow underneath is exactly the colour I am looking for and a great matte bronzer.

So that is my face powders and face bronzers. What products do you use, do you use them for anything a little left field?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Impressive collection x

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