My cruelty free shower gels

Hi everyone

I am very much a shower person, I do have baths (mainly when I buy new Lush products) but they tend to be more for relaxing rather than the actual purpose of washing and getting clean (I do wash in the bath as well :). So day in day out it is a shower for me. I tend to have a long shower at night and wash my hair and then another shower in the morning before work. I love to have beautiful smelling products to wash with and so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.


So as you can see they are very colourful, I feel that the colours of these products brighten my morning and other than brushing my teeth the first thing I do is pick up these products and shower.

The products I go to every day are always Original Source. All of these products are vegan and specify on the bottle that they are not tested on animals which is amazing.


My go to favourite fragrances are always the sweet smelling ones and my 2 favourite are the cherry and almond milk and the sweet apple and vanilla milk. They smell beautiful and really fresh, they are not overpowering or too sweet. I have recently been experimenting with new fragrances though and my current favourites are the lemon and tea tree and the mango. I think as we are coming up to  summer these are the perfect fragrances.

IMG_1464 IMG_1463

The amazing thing about Original source is that you can often get them for about £1 a bottle, Superdrug and Morrisons often have them 2 for £2 or they will have offers at them half price at £1. You can also just about get them in every store that sells toiletries so they are one of the most accessible vegan shower products and the colours make them jump off the shelf. I also feel that these products are really creamy and they lather really well.


A new brand I have found at Morrisons is The Little Bubble Company. They are not tested on animal, I originally brought them thinking they were another brand and then got blinded by the colours of the bottles.

The minute I smelled these I fell in love, they are so yummy it feel like you have just created a drink. That would be the down side actually – you cant drink them. Only joking.


I brought the Lemon soufflé and the strawberry smoothie. You can use these both in the shower and the bath which is great and they were so affordable at £2, I got them on offer at 2 for £3 from Morrisons. Like the original source they are full of sweet smelling, great lathering goodness. They last a long time as the bottle are quite big and I have a tendency to overuse products. I would recommend these products as a real pick me up first thing to really make you start you day well.


I do believe that starting your day right can make a difference and for me good smells and colours really affect my mood and make me feel happy. These are just a very small part of having a good day and a good start but sometimes it can really pick you up.

What products do you have that you love, do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading