My favourite beauty bloggers

Hi everyone

My main source of inspiration when it comes to my beauty buys is beauty bloggers. There is nothing better than a personal opinion when it comes to spending your hard earned cash, you get handy tips, recommendations and potential bargains. For me I have been reading blogs quite a while now and I have a good few favourites so I have narrowed this down to my tops four that I go to for products.


  1. Cruelty free kitty – This blog is an ultimate source of cruelty free products, you can find practical advice, an up to date list of product do and don’ts and a section that tells you about different county laws, how to spot fake cruelty free symbols and much more. Its also quite simple just a very pretty well written blog.


2. Through the mirror – I actually found this blog through Instagram and would certainly recommend this Instagram page, it is just so girly and pretty but I love her blog also. This is one of my favourite blogs for reviews and recommendations. It isn’t actually a cruelty free blog so you do have to know your brands but I get so much inspiration form this blog. It is also great for blogging tips!


3. Ethical bunny – this blog has a really modern look and is not just a cruelty free blog but a sustainable living blog generally. I love the photos on this blog they are really cool and fresh and it is full of recommendation and advise.


4. Laura has a blog – I love this blog as it has such a natural feel to it, it feel so genuine and like it comes from a real passion about cruelty free products and blogging itself actually. It also has things such as monthly goals and I lovely the photography.


So those are my top four beauty bloggers, I encourage you to read them. Let me know who you love to read.

Thanks for reading