My favourite cruelty free fake tan

Hi everyone

In my younger years I am ashamed to say that I was a bit of a sun worshipper and I’m sure I will be punished with a few extra wrinkles for that. The last few years though I have been all about faking it!
When I made the decision to go cruelty free I had to rethink my fake tan and thats when I found the Solait range at Superdrug.

I really like this fake tan, it doesn’t streak and it is a bronzey (is that a word?) colour not orange. It also doesn’t does make you look dirty. It doesn’t have a strong smell either which after getting into bed many a time smelling of stale biscuits I appreciate and means you can apply on the same day if you don’t have time to tan in advance.

I always apply using my tan mitt ( which needs a wash so I didn’t think you would appreciate a visual of that) but actually the product is very light so if you are not a fake tan pro it doesn’t matter. I personally do 2 or 3 coats to get the colour I want.
You could argue that it’s too light and if you are used to products that only needing applying once maybe it’s not for you as it is a little time consuming. For me though it’s part of the fun of getting ready and so I like to take my time to build up the colour.
So whatever you are doing this Saturday night be it curled up on the sofa or ready to rave, enjoy your Saturday night
AKL xx