My favourite vegan Cider

Hi everyone

I normally talk about vegan foods or vegan milk I haven’t talked about alcohol so I thought it was about time. My normal drink is gin or cocktails, luckily these are largely vegan with the exception of bloody Marys (Worchester source)  milks/ cream based ones and those containing egg white. I have probably missed some but it still leaves a massive list. Cider is another go to drink of mine particularly if I am eating or its a school night (work night just in case anyone reads this and is a little confused).

My recent favourite cider is the alska cider by The Swedish Cider company. I particularly like the Passion fruit apple flavour.


I really like fruity flavours as they taste just like pop so if you are someone who doesn’t like the sweet fruity alcohol then it isn’t for you but if you do they I would highly recommend this. It also comes in kiwi lime and strawberry and lime. Its not such as big a bottle for as other ciders such as Rekordelig but it is still a nice long drink.

This is so nice, it is fruity and really refreshing, it actually smells quite citrusy but the taste is so sweet. It is a bit like jolly ranches if you have ever had those sweets. It goes down really nicely but after two I feel it gets a little sweet but that might just be my personal taste. I had this with dinner (pasta) and this went very well and mixed quite well with a savoury tomato based dinner. 

So that is my review on this cider, are you a cider drinker? I would love any recommendations for vegan ciders.

Thanks for reading