My favourite you tubers

Hi everyone

I love watching YouTube, starting this blog actually came from a love of watching beauty You Tubers and while I am certainly not brave enough to start a YouTube channel I do love doing this blog and I love so much watching You Tubers. So here are my favourites.


  1. Angela Cebrano – I love entrepreneurs and particularly female entrepreneurs as I find this so inspiring. Angela owns her own PR business and talks about everything from being a girl boss to make up, handbags and life hacks. She is very honest and busy and I find her work ethic and goal setting really inspiriting.
  2. Kendall Rae – on an entirely different note but also not is Kendall Rae. This is a true crime, conspiracy theory channel amongst other things and again a female running a business but just a different content. I am such a true crime fan and I just love coming to my own theories and ideas as well as reading the comments. Kendal tells the story so well and also so un bias, she does offer opinion but doesn’t ram it down your throat.


3. Evan Carmichael – he has one word and it is believe. This channel does everything from top 10 rules for success as well as interviews with successful people. I find the hints and tips so inspiring and helpful, hearing peoples rags to riches stories and hearing how some of the most successful people in the world operate on a daily basis. A great listen.

4. Danelle Hallam – Again another true crime channel but done with so much respect and a lot of hard work. I love the way Danelle tells the storey and how she goes into so much details about the case and background. It is quite a sad topic as a lot of the crimes are current and unsolved but she does it so well.


5. The Lune Innate – this is a Reiki, healing spiritual channel and it includes ASMR. I find this so relaxing and really helps me get off to sleep each night. It is so important to be inspired but it is also important to relax and this is perfect. If I have a bad day or even just a long day it is amazing wind down.


So they are my favourite Youtubers and I’ve included some of my favourite photos of holiday and beautiful flowers as well. Hope you like them and please go and check out  these channels.

Thanks for reading