My Linda McCartney vegan food haul

Hi everyone

So anyone that is vegetarian or vegan will probably be well aware of the Linda McCartney range. I would go as far as to say it saves my dinner time but I don’t want to be dramatic. I am always trawling the range to look for new bits and old faithful’s and I recently picked up quite a few bits so I thought I would share.


I picked up the Linda McCartney vegetarian country pies, vegetarian sausages, vegetarian chorizo and red pepper sausages and vegetarian beef, mushroom and spinach wellington bites. They all say vegetarian but are in fact vegan.

So where to start, lets go with the good faithful in the sausages. These are a real staple for me, they are really chunky and taste great on there own in something like a sausage sandwich they also make a good filler for spaghetti, pasta dishes, stuffed butternut squash or aubergine, to go with a Sunday dinner or cold in your lunch at work. For me the Chorizo and Red Pepper isn’t so good in a sandwich or on its own but again as a filler amazing.

As for the vegetarian beef, mushroom and spinach wellington bites these are new find for me. This is the first time I have tried them and I’m maybe bit on the fence. If you have tried the sausages rolls or pasties from the Linda McCartney range then these are very similar, they do have the mushroom and spinach which is different but I’m not sure they are different enough for me. They were lovely don’t get me wrong and I had them as a Sunday dinner so with potatoes, veg and gravy but I sort of feel that maybe they didn’t add much that I don’t get from the sausages or the pies.


The pies are also a recently find for me and these I love. They are real comfort food full of yummy filling and gravy and thick pastry. They take about 30 minutes to cook which for vegan fast food is a long time but so worth it.

For me I either have it with a Sunday dinner although be warned they are very filling or I have it with salad. I have to be honest though even with salad I have to add in my vegan cheese and vegan gravy, to me a pie isn’t a pie until it swims in gravy.

The cheese I use for this is the Violife cheese grated, this cheese is particularly good for this as it doesn’t melt easily so you still get the cheese taste and texture which for some vegan cheese just melt to a oily substance.


Then I add my salad into a big bowel and I make my own dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I  keep my salad quite simple of lettuce, rocket or spinach sometimes, cucumber and tomatoes.

IMG_1342 - Copy

Last but not least is the gravy, for me I use Morrisons own vegetable gravy, I like it thick with a dash of vinegar. Then the best bit assemble and dive in. I would say that I generally love the Linda McCartney range but the pie is one of my favourites and when I get a craving it is so yummy and filling that I feel really indulgent eating it.

IMG_1277 - Copy

So that is my current haul, do you have any favourites in this range, I would love to hear your recommendations and also any you were sure about?

Thanks for reading