My top 3 new cruelty free and vegan foundations

Hi everyone

I have been experimenting with my foundation of late, for most of my life I have needed a matte foundation and quite a high coverage. I say need but I suppose what I really mean is that I only felt comfortable with a high coverage. I’ve always wanted to have that type of skin that is matte but glows, total contradiction there but what I basically mean NOT OILY!

I still do like my skin to be matte in finish but I don’t need too much help to make my skin matte now. I am 34 now and I have really seen a change in the last couple of years. I’ve spent year trying to get ride of spots and oily skin and I suppose it seems age was the main ‘treatment’ for that. So that has affected how I see foundation and what I am looking for.

In the day I use the ELF foundation serum in the color ‘light’ which i think is the palest color. I love the texture and color but it is a lighter coverage so I also need (that word again) something with a fuller coverage to cover any blemishes and pigments for nights out.

The foundations I brought are the Revolution PRO foundation drops and the MUA pro base foundation and pressed powder. I chose these because these are two brand I purchase from a lot, they have a really affordable price point which is good if you are experimenting like me and i had seen them demonstrated by different You tubers.

I brought the Revolution Pro foundation drops in the color ‘light’. This cost me £6 which I do think is affordable as far as foundations go and it is a good sized bottle. I do like to look at the testers where I can but some of them are so messy and used that I dare not touch them for fear of germs (who knows if people have washed there hands!). This one I did know already through You tube (yeaaa for You tube) and I knew it came a dropper top bottle so quite good for not using too much.

This texture of this foundation is quite thin but it is creamy and feels nice to put on the skin, it goes on with a slight dewy glow. It does dry quite quickly so make sure to blend straight away with a sponge or brush (I would recommend a brush or sponge rather than fingers). It is much thicker than my foundation serum and overall I would say it is a medium coverage. It doesn’t have a smell and if you have read my blog before you will know that is good for me as I’m really funny with anything chemically smelling.

This lasted really well on a hot night (hot for England) with lots of dancing and kept my skin matte. I would say it blurs blemishes so if any really red blemishes will be reduced in appearance but not completely covered but it does cover red patches / scaring from spots I found. So all in all I am really pleased with my purchase and I would recommend and repurchase.

Next I got the MUA Pro base foundation and I also repurchased the powder which is a product I have used for a while.  MUA is such good value for money with the powder at £2.50 and the foundation £5. I think it’s a good brand to experiment with as the products are really good quality but affordable enough to experiment even if you are on a budget. I also find that the powder doesn’t break up like most of the more affordable brands.

This foundation is again a medium coverage but it is more matte than the Revolution Pro foundation and comes out much thicker. It went on well and really blended well with my sponge (I do feel it was a little too thick to put on with my fingers and needs a wet brush or sponge). It did need blending well as the first time I tried it I didn’t blend well enough and it gave me a caked feeling quite quickly. The second time I put on little by little and blended well and it lasted much better. It’s a really big tub for the price and it comes with a spatula to scoop out the foundation which I like because if you get too much you can just scoop less, its also good for making sure you get all the product.

It lasted really well for work, I decided to try it on a long day where I traveled by bus there and back, did a full day and then did my usual walk the dogs, made dinner etc in the evening. By the end of the day it had ‘lifted’ in places for example of my nose but that its where my skin is more oily anyway so i did expect that. It was a fuller coverage than I would normally go for at work but it did the job. Again I would really recommend this and I will be repurchasing.

So that was my mini foundation haul, they all have there place for me in terms of when I use them and how. I was really impressed by the price point and I think its really important to mention that these products are all vegan and cruelty free. MUA and ELF advise that there whole range is vegan and cruelty free, Make up revolution is all cruelty free but they are not yet 100% vegan so just check out each product in that range. Hope this was useful if you are looking for affordable, good quality foundations.

Thanks for reading