My new cruelty free blushes and bronzers

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I use blush and bronzer everyday for work, on nights out and mostly on days off, they are two products that fit into my everyday make up and I think make me look more alive and awake. I always use powder for both as I find that it keeps ,my skin matte and helps my foundation and powder stop my skin looking oily.

Up until recently I have been using the Revolution blush palette and the MUA bronzer but I have now cracked the lid on my palette and dropped my bronzer smashing it (luckily it smashed inside the pot and not on my carpet) so it was time to go out and do some shopping.

I always shop in Superdrug and I do love MUA so after fully browsing he shop (and picking up a lot of things I love but probably don’t need) I decided the MUA stand was the place to replace my broken products.

I started with bronzer as this was in tiny pieces and as I have lost my holiday tan it was very much needed. I like bronzers that don’t have sparkle in them, as I tend to find it looks less natural on me with sparkle and as I have oily skin I feel that the sparkle makes me look even shinier.

I decided to go for the MUA skin kissed bronzer, it is quite dark in the pot but I use it lightly and build the colour. This cost me £1, it is so affordable and such a good product, it build well and also blends well so you don’t have to keep brushing your skins too much to blend in. I hate products that make me feel like I have to drag it across my skin to blend. It doesn’t have much fall out and it lasted me the whole day so really good quality.

Bronzer Sunkissed Bronze

After having said I don’t like shiny bronzers I also picked up the MUA shimmer bronzing powder. Firstly I thought this was so pretty, that shouldn’t be the reason to buy make up (it often is the reason). Secondly I have been trying to use highlight more but I often find the gold or silvery version look a little much on me for day to day use and only really ok if I have eye make up on which is also shimmery.

I brought this to act as a highlight to put on my cheeks alongside the bronzer, my cheeks do not get oily and so I can get away with the shimmer without it looking oily. This product cost £2.50 which again is great value for money and it goes on really well. It doesn’t fall down my cheeks and I have managed to be quite specific on the areas I wish to place this without ending up a shimmery mess. I would recommend this as a highlighter or even a bronzer if you like the shimmery bronzers.

Next I brought blush and me being me I couldn’t just settle with one so I got two different colours, I got the MUA Rose tea blush and the MUA Papaya whip blush, both are matte blush. I got two because I feel different colours suit me when I have a tan and when I don’t and also dependant on how much other make up I have on. For example the darker more orangery colour in Rose Team looks better for every day where when I want a really natural look and the Papaya whip is a pinker colour and looks better with a tan or if I have eye make up and lip gloss on.

I really like these bushes, they cost £2.50 and are well worth the money. They go on well, they are quite pigmented and can be built up to the colour you like. The only criticism I would have is that they look too pretty to disturb the flower pattern.

So that is my mini blush and bronzer haul from MUA at Superdrug. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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  1. krasopis says:

    I would love to see swatches, MUA brand swatches are hard to find….

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