My 5 current favourite vegan and cruelty free face masks

Hi everyone

I have been trying out some new vegan and cruelty free face masks while we have been spending a little more time at home and I actually think I could put face masks on my CV as a hobby. The ones I have today are the Handmade naturals Rhassoul clay face mask, the Pranaturals dead sea mud mask and calcium bentonite clay and then the clay mask and leave on mask from B. at Superdrug. There is a theme going on here as I was looking to add to my sheet mask and hydrating mask with some brightening and clarifying type masks.

The Handmade naturals Rhassoul clay face mask I got for my birthday and it was such a nice surprise as it isn’t a brand I have heard about. This mask is made with mineral rich lava powder from the Atlas mountains in Morocco. It is designed for deep cleaning and detoxifying. It comes in a powder form and you mix it with water until it forms a paste and then leave it for 10 minutes. Then you just apply to your skin for about 15 minutes. I got the consistency wrong a few times from wither being too powdery or like brown water.

Once I got it right though I really like it,  it gives my skin a really clear and fresh finish. It feels like it should have a muddy smell but it doesn’t have any fragrance at all which is fine with me. I have really sensitive skin so I am good with products with no fragrance.

The Pranaturals dead sea mud mask is more a traditional mask, it is brown and messy but does a fantastic job of making my skin feel so fresh and smooth. It removes any textures and I feel that if I do have any blemishes this goes a long way to clear them. This one I put on with my fingers but it is quite thick so I do try and work it into my skin to make sure it doesn’t just clump on top and actually gets into my pores. I then wash this off with a cloth soaked in warm water.. There is a slight exfoliation to this mask also so that really brightens my skin but it isn’t rough and doesn’t drag my skin.

PraNaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Pranaturals Calcium Bentonite clay is the one mask I am on the fence with. You have to mix this with water or apple cider vinegar and I tried this and it smelt awful, it was like dipping my face in vinegar, it does say that you can use water and I will be using that from now on.

It feels a little weird on the skin as well as it is a very thin paste and I didn’t feel like it gave me the same clean skin feeling that the other two masks did. I left this on for 15 minutes and then used a cloth in warm water to wash this off. One thing that does interest me is that it says that you can out this in your bath to leave your skin feeling refreshed. I might try that next time, although do I want a grey green bath? Not sure!

PraNaturals Bentonite Clay Mask

Next are a couple of my favourite mask from my favourite brand B. from Superdrug. Firstly I have the B Hydrated leave on face mask.

You put this mask on like a moisturiser, I would liken it to a night moisturiser as they tend to be slightly thicker than your day creams. I rub this in to my skin but then leave a layer on top to soak in also, it takes about 5 minutes max to soak in and it is non greasy. I put this on right before bed and watch you tube while it soaks in. I don’t find that it rubs off on my pillow or into my hair and so I am free to put it on even if I have washed my hair already for the next day.

Last but certainly not least is the B Purified Clay face mask, this is very green and reminds me of Wicked the musical every time I wear it! It is a really good mask for skin that needs  good cleanse but is also a little dry. It manages to remove oil and make my skin feel really soft and smooth but without leaving dry skin. I like the fact that it changes green colour when it drys as well so you know when its dry. It lasts quite well for me, I use it about once a week and probably get a good 10 masks out of it.

So they are my latest favorite masks, I hope you enjoyed reading.