My new vegan skincare

Hi everyone

I love skincare and I am constantly on the lookout for new products so when I saw these the colour of the packaging in itself made me have to stop and read what they were all about. Currently I use the Superdrug tea tree oil exfoliating face pads, the B. Hydrating tonic which is full of hydrochloric acid and then a Boots own brand face moisturiser so I do have a few steps in my routine. However I am always looking for ways to add moisture and the skin around my eyes is an area I want to focus on.

So after marvelling at the amazing colour of the products I started to look a bit deeper and I picked out these two products. They are the Vitamin C Invigorating skin booster and the Vitamin C Brightening eye gel. These were really affordable prices with the eye cram at £4.99 and the invigorating skin booster also at £4.99.


The first thing I noticed about the eye gel was it is really refreshing, most of my eye creams have been the same as my normal face moisturiser in texture and feel but this is lovely and soaks in to my skin really quickly which is perfect before work. It has also lasted me a while, I use it twice a day and I have had it about 3 weeks and still going very strong.

It is especially good at the moment as I have hay fever and so my eyes are really dry and sore not to mention itchy. I would recommend the roll on as I worry about applying with my fingers is that I will apply too much pressure, with this I don’t have to worry. I would really recommend this product.


This next product I love love love love! My skin can be quite oily so I have to be careful not to use moisturisers that are too thick or too greasy which often leaves me choosing ones that are thinner and then worry if they are moisturising  enough so I am constantly on the look out to add moisturiser other ways. 


This product can be used in 2 ways, firstly after cleansing and before moisturiser so you can just pat it into your skin or you can add a couple of drops to your moisturiser. I add to my moisturiser so that I am applying this and my moisturiser at the same time. It is non greasy, really refreshing and makes my skin so soft. I apply the same amount of moisturiser as I would without it and then add in the drops and mix. It smells beautiful, like someone has just peeled an orange and is really refreshing, I use it first thing under make up and there is no residue. I also use it at night to give my skin an extra boost over night.

Have you tried any of these products, let me know what you think? I would love any recommendation from the range as well?

Thanks for reading