New menu at Escabeche Nottingham 2019

Hi everyone

Escabeche and Baresca are my favourite restaurants in Nottingham by far. They are sister restaurants with Baresca being in the town centre and a quicker more drop in / bar feel and Escabeche more a restaurant feel. I love tapas generally but these are such good value as well. So I was really happy when I visited with my friends and they had a new menu. You can see the full menu here:

I went for the Menu del dia which costa round £11, the same for vegans and meat eaters (which is as it should be but is not always the case) and it is a starter then 2 tapas and a side. With the Menu del dia you get a choice of Catalan bread or hummus and flatbread. I normally go for the hummus and the flatbread but this time I choose the Catalan bread to try something different, it was amazing. Catalan bread consisted of sour dough covered in finely chopped tomatoes wither chopped herbs and sea salt. It sounds so simple and probably is but it was so good and I will be attempting to recreate this at home.

For my tapas I choose vegetable paella, falafel and my side is potato bravas. The vegetable paella was very finely chopped vegetables with paella rice in creamy tomato sauce topped with asparagus, I would say the veg was really fine compared to other paella I have had but personally I preferred this. I love the little pot it came in, it didn’t look huge but it was really filling and was really yummy.

The potato bravas came with vegan sour cream this time rather than veganise and it was amazing. I would have previously always opted for veganise given the choice but actually now I think I would swap for sour cream, it was tangier and more of a contrast to the bravas sauce rather veganise. I’m not sure if they make it or use a brand (I forgot to ask). The potato themselves were as always my favourite part of the meal, they are just so nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Finally the falafel, it came with pinquito peppers and lemon veganise. It again didn’t look huge but it was so filling. The falafel was very pink inside, I’m not sure what it was (maybe beetroot) but it made the falafel really moist and yummy, sometimes falafels dry and stodgy but whatever they had added really made this good. I didn’t taste the lemon so much in the veganise but I think that may be because the other flavours were quite rich.

I thoroughly enjoyed the menu change, I would maybe not choose the falafel and vegetable paella together again just because both dishes were really filling but individually they are amazing. Maybe I just needed to share them a bit more.

Thanks for reading