New vegan face masks

Hi everyone

I love using face masks and I am constantly on the look out for a new one. So when I recently stopped in Superdrug to get shampoo and conditioner I walked out with a brand new face mask that I hadn’t seen before. It was the Superdrug ‘We love’ face masks charcoal facemasks. I have recently done a mask post but I figured can you really talk too much about face masks? I don’t think so.


So here it is. I tend to get the charcoal type masks a lot as I really like the deep clean feeling and that is what drew me towards this mask. This was about £5 but when I purchased it there was an offer on for 1/3 off so it cost me about £3.50. This is the charcoal one but there is another one which I believe is Kale and Berry.

I have oily skin and I do tend to get breakouts if I am stressed or if I eat a lot of rubbish (or go out with my friends and drink too many cocktails) so I do tend to buy masks that are good for that type of skin. 


I actually love this mask, it is quite a thick consistency and I had to spread it quite a bit across my face to make it spread evenly (hope that makes sense). It is quite a ‘strong’ mask for want of a better word as in I felt it really deep cleaned my skin but if you have really sensitive skin or dry skin then this probably isn’t for you.


I should get about three full face masks out of this pot so it is less than £1 per mask which is really good value.  I use this mask no more than once a week as I think more than that it would dry my skin out. I did use it on my cheeks even thought normally I would use moisturising mask there and keep this type of mask for my T zone and it didn’t have any adverse effects like drying my cheeks out but I don’t think I will use it again as it is too deep for areas of my face that are not oily.

All in all I really like this mask and I will be using it again and also trying out the range that they have. Have you tried the new masks from Superdrug or have you tried this one. I would love to hear? Let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading