Nottingham vegan festival

Hi everyone

I recently took a trip to the Nottingham vegan festival, it was held at Nottingham Trent university in the conferencing suite. It is the first time I had been in a couple of years and I was really impressed with the amount of different stalls and the different type of vegan products. I thought I would take you around the festival with me to show you some of the things I tried and what I brought.

First stop was vegan beer from Freedom Brewery. They confirmed that the beer and the methods that it is made by make there products 100% vegan which is great. I don’t drink a lot of beer but I thought this would be great for parties and when I have family around. I wonder if they will notice the difference!

My next stop was Mr Nice Pies, all the pies are vegan and they had a great selection there on the day with amazing names. They have a Bountiful Butternut Curry Pie, Moorish Moroccan Tagine Pie, Rendang Curry Pie, Drunken Mushroom pie and Swedey Todd Pie.

I brought the Moorish Moroccan Tagine Pie and it was really Moorish! It cost me £3 and looking on there website they all seem to be around £3.

Next it was time for cake and the Debs Pantry stand. There was a large selection of homemade goodies ranging from cakes to muffins in all different flavours. They are all vegan and a large part of the products look to be nut free as well. They are based in the West Midlands and visit lots of different vegan festivals. It says on there website that they created the business through a need to go on a vegan diet due to illness and noticed that there just wasn’t a variety out there in the market. While I went vegan by choice there are so many stories similar to there where a vegan diet has helped illness and health.

My mum brought the lemon drizzle vegan cake which was £2.50 (the same price as on there website) and I brought the mint choc chip cake, also £2.50. It was amazing, so soft and moist. The icing was really sweet and minty and it has a chocolate button on top which was a nice touch.

I noticed when I was looking on there website they also do things like tomato chutney and mango chutney for aprox £4 a jar, they look amazing.

Next was some wine from Laithwaites wine, they apparently have over 150 different types of vegan wines which is amazing.

They had a selection of 6 on the day and I tried the Split Rock Sav Blanc and my mum tried The Waxed Bat, we both really liked them. They were really nice wines and I wouldn’t say there is any different in taste or texture (my mum who is non vegan agreed) and while I was not expecting there to be I think it is important to comment for anyone who may be reluctant to try. The price of the bottle is really reasonable as well as you can see below.

Here is my sampler, I was tempted to keep going back and try them all but through I might over stay my welcome. I didn’t purchase any on the day as I don’t drink wine a lot I’m more of a gin person but these are now on my list for future reference.

Next I visited Dark Matters as who can stop at just one piece of cake. There selection is so good and they are not only vegan but palm oil free as well. They have so many different flavours such as hazelnut brownie, double chocolate, maple, sea salt and rose, almond and pistachio.

I brought the Raspberry brownie as I thought it looked amazing but was also the prettiest (that’s a good enough reason I think) as it has like a raspberry dust over the top. It is vegan, gluten and wheat free.

There was loads of other stalls on the market so I’ve compiled all of the rest of them so you can see the some of the other companies I visited. If you a interested in all the companies that were there on the day the link to the day is

I really hope you enjoyed reading this and I would encourage everyone to go over to a vegan festival. I have been keeping my eye on the next Nottingham Vegan festival and they haven’t announced dates yet but if you go over to my post on upcoming vegan festivals then you might be able to find one close to you Vegan festivals 2019

Thanks for reading