Palmers hair care – cruelty free brand

Hi everyone 

I try very hard with my hair but I also do a lot of home dying and styling which I very bad. I also wash my hair just about every day, I know this is bad but I just can’t deal with greasy hair. After a long day at work I really enjoy getting in the shower and washing off the day and tha to me include my hair, to turn up to work with day old hair makes me feel a bit scruffy and under dressed. So I need a shampoo and conditioner that are going to give back and work overtime on moisturisera and I think in Palmers I may have found the one.

So this is the Palmers Conditioning shampoo and repairing conditioner both with Coconut oil. They smell amazing and even the shampoo is so creamy, they lather really well which is really important to me. I think it psychological but it makes me feel like I’m literally lathering away the dirt. The shampoo goes on like a conditioner but is non greasy and leaves no residue. The conditioner detangles my hair straight away (I always comb my conditioner through).

The normal price is around £5 from Superdrug yet recently has been half price or by one get one free so I would recommend getting down there asap however I have seen this sold in supermarkets and Boot the chemist as well. They  are of course cruelty free and vegan and very natural. I have used the Palmers coco butter formula before for moisturising my body and I really liked it but the coconut oil may be even better.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use? How often do you wash your hair, are you a was abolished like me?

Thanks for reading