Pure honest beauty deodorant review – natural, vegan and cruelty free


Deodorant – to live in todays polite society it is an important part of your personal hygiene routine. Finding a good deodorant is hard task as it is without narrowing to down to vegan and cruelty free but that is the task I’ve had. I have spoken about deodorant before and I have used Superdrug own brand and also Lush ones but they just don’t smell as nice as they should.

I was given the Pure Honest beauty I AM….. Heaven scent white rose and lotus natural deodorant balm recently by my auntie who is also vegan. This product is free from parabens and synthetic fragrance. Is it all natural.

First things first it smells amazing more like a perfume balm than a deodorant , it is fresh but sweet as well. The texture of the deodorant is like a lip balm I think but slightly thinker. It comes with a little wooden stick which you use to scoop a little bit out and then kind of wipe it on your underarm and smooth it out so that it covers the area you need. I don’t use much each time probably and the size of a 1p piece. If you are unsure use a little bit and then keep adding as needed. It dries really quickly so if getting ready for work I found I could put my clothes on pretty much straight away.

I have worn this to parties, work and in the house and I feel that it works really well ( in my personal opinion) I didn’t feel sweaty or smelly and even though it does smell nice I couldn’t smell the deodorant which I like. I almost want my deodorant to disappear. I would really recommend this product and if you are interested you can look at the Facebook page or website for Pure Honest beauty for more information.

Hope you enjoyed reading