Relaxation series part 2 – Relax on the go!

Hi everyone

This is part two of my relaxation series the first part you can read under Relaxation series part one – Morning routine.

This is a really important topic for me and I feel like it takes up a big part of my minds time. Over the year I have been recommended different products that really feel have worked for me and so I wanted to share these with you. What I talk about in these blog post certainly cant replace professional and medical help so please do make sure you get the help that you need.

I find the problem with relaxation in the day is that it always seems to be about finding a comfy spot where you are alone and can relax. With most of us working, studying, looking after dependents or the many other daily situations we find ourselves it how can we deal with stress, worry, anxious feelings when there is no comfy spot and certainly no alone time. Getting to go to the bathroom alone often feel like a bonus for most of us!

So what ever the solution is it needs to be quick, discrete and accessible! Now I don’t have a magic wand  or the relaxation version of liquid luck but I do want to share a couple of products that I believe tick those boxes.

First and foremost is a product called Rescue Remedy. I have touched on this before along with a couple of other beauty products which you can read this here Time to relax, my 4 favourite products .This was a quite light hearted post and so today I wanted to go into this a bit more detail on how I use rescue remedy and why.

Rescue remedy is made up of five different flower essences which are designed to help you relax,  give you comfort and feel reassured. It comes in many different forms but for me it is the tonic which comes in a small, discrete bottle perfect RESCUE Remedy Dropper for handbag or pockets and also the lozenges. Rescue Plus Lozenge

Rescue remedy is made up of:

Rock Rose which provides courage and presence of mind.
Impatiens which allows you less hastiness in thought and action.
Clematis to provide lively interest in the world around you.
Star of Bethlehem to help with being strong.
Cherry Plum to help you have serenity and the ability to think and act rationally.

Personally I use Rescue remedy in a couple of life scenarios with the first being in times like tests, exams, work stress, social anxiety or times when I feel overwhelmed with the amount I have to do. For me in these situations it feels like I get lost, they take over my thoughts and I loose energy and enthusiasm for other things because I am so worried or nervous about one particular event or stressors? I am sure I am not alone in this.

What rescue remedy does for me is allow me to think positively about these events, it doesn’t take the stress away as such, an exam is still stressful and I still worry about it, but it allows me to think about it more logically rather than get lost in the overwhelm or negativity. I go from ‘this is too stressful I cant do this, can I get out of it’ to ‘this is too stressful but I need and want to do this and it will be worth it’. Its not a Eureka moment, I don’t run into an exam or test with joy and excitement but I go into the exam!

It sounds really simple but that shift in mindset makes the world of difference to the event itself and to the rest of my life going on around this event! In my head its a line on a graph with the line representing balanced and appropriate feelings towards something. As I slip below the line I feel overwhelmed, stressed and full of dread. Above the line is enthusiasm, happiness and excitement. Rescue remedy keep me on the line and allows me go above the line for things I should feel enthusiasm, happiness and excitement about.

The other area I use rescue remedy is when I went to a funeral. These are awfully sad events but bring up so many emotions and anxiety as well. I feel grief but also I worry about crying (daft I know, if you cant cry at a funeral then when can you), I worry about upsetting others, I worry about not crying, I worry about not crying enough, I worry about looking silly. Its pretty exhausting isn’t it! So again rescue remedy helped me a lot in this situation, it didn’t take away the grief but it helped me balance my emotions so that I was sad but not overwhelmed.

The way I take rescue remedy is in two ways, if I am generally feeling a little overwhelmed or have anxiety but without a particular event to cause it I will put a few drops in a glass of water and sip this throughout the day. If I am feeling really stressed maybe in all of my glasses of waters so 2/3 times a day.

If I have an event that I am stressed about then about a week before then I do the same thing and add it to my water upping the amount as I get closer, then on the day of the event I put a couple of drop straight on my tongue and swallow. A more direct hit! Then I will take the lozenges with me as a sort of top up. They taste really nice and you can get them in orange or berry.

Next I wanted to talk about a roller ball I purchased recently, it is a Tisserand Head Clear aromatherapy roller ball. This is roller ball that you put on your pulse point designed with specific essential oils to calm you down when you have too much going on in your head and need some mental clarity.

It contains Sunflower seed oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, black spruce, lime oil, lemon peel oil, chamomile flower oil, lemongrass leaf oil. The smell is 100% peppermint for me, its such a strong fragrance but for me that is perfect as I associate peppermint with fresh, clean and clear which is exactly what I get from this roller ball. If you have ever had a cold and used olbas oil and suddenly you get that feeling of your nose clearing, this for me does that for my brain.

Thanks for reading