Relaxation series part 3 – Bedtime

Hi everyone

So this is the final post in my three part series on relaxation. You can read my morning routine post and my on the go relaxation post before this one if you wish to see the whole day of relaxation.

With the best will in the world, a full morning routine and copious amount of rescue remedy or stress release roller balls there are days when it all gets on top of us. The biggest impact on days like this for me is my sleep or lack of it to be more precise. I have a terrible habit of overthinking and when I am in bed with no distractions, everything is quiet what a perfect time for my brain to run through everything that has happened that day and for some reason my mind always goes to the worst thing. Often when I said I have had a bad day I mean I had one small tiny hiccup that has now stuck with me all day.

About 5 years ago I stumbled across something called ASMR, Auto, Sensory, Meridian Response. If you have ever felt a tingly sensation in your scalp that then moves down the back of your neck and make you feel relaxed then you have experienced ASMR. At the time when I found it I had no idea what it was and it was relatively new, now it has had studies done on the positive benefits, there is a TED talk and I have seen a number of articles.

If you type ASMR into You Tube then you will see lists and list of different types of videos all designed to trigger ASMR.  You can have your hair cut, have a doctors check up, your make up done or just have someone read through a magazine for you. The time and effort that the artists put into the videos is amazing.

I found ASMR by watching make up and beauty videos on your tube, I love watching make up looks and skin care routines but I found people talking through there make up collections really relaxing. It was the slow methodological way they talked through the different products and I notice some artists used the tag #relaxingmakeupcollectionvideo or something similar.

So I started to search using that hastag and that is when i stumbled across Maria Gentle whispers. If you are in the ASMR community you will know exactly who I mean. She was doing a video using relaxing spa sounds and it was literally the most relaxing sounds I had ever though. If you close eyes the sounds are so good that I start to think I can smell the oils and fragrances of a spa. From then on I got lost in a rabbit warren of ASMR videos and never looked back.

For me ASMR is relaxing because of the physical tingle sensation that relaxes my head but also the videos are slow, they are whispered and they are often methodological which relaxes my brain and helps me focus on the screen and not the things that are worrying or stressing me out.

So I thought I would share my favorite ASMR artists with you, these are not necessarily in order of my favourite:

  • Gentle whispering ASMR
  • Maddie ASMR
  • The ASMR Psychologist
  • Anna ASMR
  • Library of whispers ASMR
  • Be calm with Becca
  • Sasha ASMR
  • Fairy Char ASMR
  • Whispersred ASMR
  • itsblitz
  • Dr Sol ASMR
  • RelaxWithRachel ASMR
  • amalzd

There are so many more I could mention but these are my favourite go to one.

There is just one more thing I have to address when it comes to ASMR. I have often heard people who do not or haven’t yet experienced ASMR describe ASMR as sexual as if it is some kind of fetish. From me the big firm answer is NO! Now there may well be people out there that find ASMR sexual but for the very majority of ASMR users it is more like the effects of white noise, rain on the window or waves crashing on the beach.


Thanks for reading