Review of Bar Iberico in Nottingham

Hi everyone

I love tapas and I love eating out, Nottingham has quite a few good places to eat and there is more and more choice for vegans which is great. One of the places I have been a few times before is Bar Iberico and they have recently added a specific vegan menu (previous times I went they had vegan options but I don’t think a specific menu).

Below is the menu and you can actually have these items on the menu Rapido which is £10.95 and you get sourdough with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then two tapas. Its really good value for money and great that there is a specific vegan choice now.

I actually started off with some olives these are Gordal olives and they are my favourite. These are not on the Rapido menu but cost around £3 and are yummy while you are waiting for your tapas. Sorry about the picture, I think I was just desperate to dig in and wasn’t concentrating.

Everyone on the Rapido menu gets Sourdough bread and olive oil with balsamic vinegar and I’m a big fan of this starter anyway so that is good for me. It is very filling and my picture doesn’t do justice the amount of bread you get. The bread is warm which is a good touch and is yummy.

The tapas I choose were the woodfire squash, vegan feta, burnt garlic and mojo verde and the baked vegan blue cheese, pickled beetroot, agave and hazelnut.

The woodfire squash is above and is so amazing, it might go up there as my favourite tapas dish but I think I say this every time I have tapas and do a review. It is a piece of squash in a vinegary sauce with a mixture of vegan feta and salad pieces on top. The flavours really compliment each other and are so moreish. I really like vegan feta, it is strong but I like that and I do think it is a good feta likeness.

The other dish I had the baked blue cheese and beetroot, this one is a difficult one to decide on actually. The first two mouthfuls were just amazing, it has crumbs on top and it really sets it off. I used to love blue cheese before I was a vegan and this was a really good likeness again to blue cheese. I also love the other flavours of hazelnut and agave.

The issue with this dish is that it is quite big for tapas (normally not something to be an issue but read on) and the flavours while amazing are also very creamy and rich (again what is the problem but bear with me). Once I was about half way through I felt very full and a little sick (not as in a bug but just poorly the quantity of creamy food). Unfortunately it left me with a sickly feeling which means I don’t think I will order again and it became a little gloopy if that makes sense.

I would say I do recommend this on the basis that the flavours are just so yummy but take caution if you find creamy food sickly like I do, this is a potential to share if you have a vegan buddy.

All in all I would recommend Bar Iberico to every tapas lover, meat eaters, veggies and vegans and in terms of the vegan menu I would really recommend. Its so well thought out and they have gone to a lot of effort to add flavours and texture to the meals. I also think this is just fantastic value for money and cheaper than a lot of commercial pub chains or fast food restaurants.

I hope you enjoyed ready my review and get yourself to Bar Iberico for yummy tapas.