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I really enjoy eating out and I always have as its such a treat, when I first went vegan it took the fun out of it slightly as I spent a lot of time eating vegetarian and then asking for no butter, no cheese, no mayo and so on. It didn’t bother me too much but I have noticed over the last year that I can often now get actual vegan meals and it shows just how far we have come in terms of recognising vegans but also really thinking about the food we eat.

Once of my favourite places to eat and one that has an amazing vegan choice is Baresca which is part of the Perkins family of restaurants in Nottingham. They have Baresca, Escabeche (which I also love), Perkins restaurant and Carridge Hall. I have been to all of them but Baresca is my favourite, they do a Deal of the day which means you get flatbread, two tapas (meat, fish or veggie) and one side and that is what I went for.

Firstly I had flat bread which was warm and had olive oil, seat salt and herbs on. I love sea salt and it states amazing on the warm bread. This comes with a mixture of hummus, this one was parsnip with sesame seeds and then sometime there is a carrot and coriander on. I love this as its really textured and yummy. This was for both of us and it was plenty.

For my tapas I went for Aubergine tumblet which is vegan anyway apart from the cheese so I have in the past asked for the cheese to come off but the waitress asked why and asked me if I would like vegan cheese on this which was amazing. It was fantastic service and really going the extra mile to make sure I was happy.

I’m not sure what the cheese was but it was similar in tasting to Violife, really lovely and melty and really complimented the dish. The dish itself is a tomato based stew with aubergine, tomatoes and onions.

My other tapas was the sweetcorn fritters, they do the fritters in sweetcorn and also haloumi if you are vegetarian or a meat eater. I don’t mind sweetcorn but it certainly is not the most exciting vegetable so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I loved these. I would probably say this was my favourite dish of the day. They are really large fritters and they are covered in salt and pepper which makes them so moreish and yummy. They are crispy but also slightly soft in the middle and comes with a mango chutney dip. I just loved every bite. It does normally come with a yogurt dressing but I asked for this to be removed as it is vegetarian but not vegan.

The side I choose was Patatas Bravas which is my go to dish for every time I have tapas and I often make my own version at home. This comes with big and small chopped up potatoes and I’m not sure how they cook them and if they cooked more than once but they are so crispy on the outside and the fluffy on the outside. They are then topped with chopped tomatoes’ with onion, salt and pepper.

So they were the choices I made, there is also a falafel dish that is vegan and they also have a whole vegan menu but I don’t think that this is on the deal of the day.

The service I had was amazing and I find the actual restaurant while very busy it is also very relaxing and stress free. They do a large number of cocktails and drinks and the food is just amazing every time. I will be returning and returning and I recommend you do to.

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  1. How great that now vegan meals are offered more often!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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