Review of Nottingham Brewhouse pub

Hi everyone

I love going out to eat and trying new and different foods and being vegan has not hindered that. I thought I would share with you some of the good food I have been eating at restaurants around Nottingham recently.

I am a big fan of tapas style and Brewhouse restaurant and kitchen in Nottingham offer a section called small plates which really appealed to me so off we went. My boyfriend is a meat eater still so I haven’t documented his dinner but for those of you vegans who have meat eating partners Brewhouse is a really good choice. The menu if you want to check it out is

Brewhouse has a restaurant set up including an outside section which is where we sat overlooking the river and then a bar area which you can eat in and again an outside section with heaters and booths. Its a big space and a really nice set up. Its a real ale pub as well if that is your thing and inside has a great hoppy smell.

I choose three small plates off there lunch menu which cost £13.50 and you could have had five for £18 or the whole menu (I think about 20 dishes) if you pre ordered. I found three was enough for lunch for me. So what did I have?

Firstly I had the falafel, is any vegan meal complete with it! This the falafel, sweet peppers and black eyed been fritters with chipotle cream. I really enjoyed this I thought it might be spicier or tangier with it having chipotle in but it wasn’t at all (you can take that as good or bad depending on how much you like spice). The falafel was crispy the crunch of the sweetcorn and peppers made a good combo. I did add a tiny bit of mustard to mine as I like tangy flavours but all in all I enjoyed this and would recommend it.

Next I had tacos and they do meat and veggie options and this was the vegan version which is Panko breaded tofu and chipotle cream. This was actually very similar to the above option and I would recommend they mix up the flavours as the chances are if vegans are having the 3 plates they will choose this and the falafel. Having said that it was really nice and the texture of the tofu was nice and creamy. I didn’t think it looked very big at the start but actually it is just the right amount.

Finally my favourite without any shadow of a doubt, I could have eaten 3 plates of this. It is the Korean BBQ breaded tofu, Asian slaw and crushed peanuts. It is so good! The tofu was really creamy inside but with a crunch on the outside, the BBQ sauce was really sticky and gooey (in a good way)and the peanuts really compliment it. I would recommend this to everyone vegan or not, it is just so tasty and flavoursome!

So that is the 3 plates I had, there is also a Rosemary and cherry tomato focaccia with olives, olive oil and balsamic and crispy cauliflower in place of chicken wings with either hot sauce or buffalo BBQ if you didn’t fancy the combination I had or where feeling hungry and wanted to go for the five plate deal.

So that is what I had and loved. I would love to here if you have been here and what you thought?

Thanks for reading