Review of the Arcancil vegan and cruelty free nail varnish

Hi everyone

I am always on the hunt for the new and different nail varnishes. I love the Barry M nail paints but I thought it was time to branch out and try some new brands and that’s when I found these in TK Maxx. They are from the Arcancil Paris brand and looking on there website they advise that their nail varnish is vegan, cruelty free, the nail polish is 90% bio sourced and has 79% natural ingredients.

I picked up the pale pick colour which is called Jasmin 730 and the red which is called Dahlia 130. These cost me around £3 but they were from TK Maxx so in other stores may be slightly more. On the website they are 8 euros.

I tend to stick to the classic colours like reds, pinks and corals for my nails. I used to wear brighter colours but I always go back to the classics. This red is actually slightly different to my usual red as as I normally go pillar box red but this is a darker and more of a burgundy. It goes on really smoothly and has a nice thick brush to apply. I find that different brushes make a real difference. I have quite round nails so any brushes that are too flat go over the edges of my nails.

It needed 2 coats to bring it to the colour in the bottle but it lasted well, it didn’t chip or flake which I love as I hate when you have chips on the end of your nails with such a obvious colour.  It dried really quickly and wiped off really quickly with nail polish remover. As with a lot of reds it did stain my nail bed but it didn’t stain so much that it showed through a lighter colour.

The other colour I choose is the pale pink, this again is quite a familiar colour for me. I loved the colour but not so sure on the texture on this one compared to the red. It goes on quick thick and even though I tried to wipe my brush to really thin it out it still went on thick. This meant that it took longer to dry and did chip quick quickly. Luckily as the colour is very light it doesn’t show as much as darker colours but still annoying.

I helped this by thinning the brush out as much as I could and then layering a clear on top but all in all not as impressed with the formula of the pick as much as the red.

I would recommend this brand as it appears to be good value for money, obviously its big thumbs up on being vegan and cruelty free and the colours are lovely. If you can sample the colours before buying though I would recommend in case the pink formula is not just a one off.

Thank you for reading