AKL reviews – Barry M vegan and cruelty free nail polish collection

Hi everyone

I love Barry M nail varnishes, it is by far the best high street nail polish brand in my opinion. Its so affordable but its the quality that keep me going back. I am so very fussy about nail polish. I always do my own nail and I have only had then done professionally about twice mainly as I am so impatient about putting on new colours so I really have strong opinions on brand and formula and Barry M is my 100% go to.

So as I have quite a few different collections from Barry M I thought I would talk through my favourites and the different formulas that I have purchased.

My favourite out of all of the Barry M range has to be the Hi Vis Neon Nail Paints. I have them Coral Blaze and Pink Venom. I tend to stick to the red, coral and pick nail polish shades so that is why I have chosen these two but the others look amazing. They have them in Bombshell Blue, Outrageous Orange, Fearless Purple, Green Light, Blue Shock and Yellow flash.

The formula on these is by far the best nail polish formula I have ever brought, they give the effect of gel nail. There are a lot of other brands that claim to have the gel effect and some that come close but these actually do. They go on very light so you do need to build the colour up to make sure it is vibrant and full but that just adds to the gel effect, you can also add a white nail varnish underneath to make the colour really pop. They last for ages without chipping or wearing off. If I want to strengthen my nails and allow them to grow this is the nail varnish I pick. They are really good value for money and if you are like me you will repurchase over and over again.

Next is the Quick dry speedy nail paint and I have the colour Sonic. I cant actually find this on there website so not sure if it has been discontinued or maybe just changed the name but if you can get your hands on this then I recommend you do. The formula is slightly thicker than the Hi Vis nail paints but not too thick. I find nail paints that are too thick tend to chip really easily. Its a really full colour and the  brush is nice and small so its not messy. It also literally does what it says on the tin and drys so quick.

Next I have the Barry M Crystal Rocks textured nail paints. I have the colours Pink Tourmaline and Tiger eye. These were such a revelation when I find them, I think I first got them in a free gift when I brought other Barry M products and I just love them. I have had textured products before and not been too keen as they have gone on really thick and just chipped straight off. These go on a lot thinner and really stick to the nail. You can also build them up although it doesn’t take more than two coats for a full coverage. They really last and even if you get those annoying really chips at the end of your nails it really doesn’t show up too much.

The only slight, very slight, negative is that the colours go sightly dull as they wear almost like the edges rub off the tiny textured bits and so it looses a bit of its shine. Another coat soon brightens it up though so don’t let that put you off.

Another favourite of mine if the Gelly Hi Shine nail paints and I have them in Coral and Passion fruit. These are beautiful colours for the summer and look amazing with a tan. The Gellys go on really well, they are a similar texture to the speedy nail paint. They are shiny once dried but they don’t quite match the Hi Vis for gel look if I am really honest. However they do offer a much better colour range.

Last but not least is the nail paints and I have them in Fortune teller and Berry Cosmo. The Berry Cosmo is my winter colour, its a really deep purple. Its about as far as I stray from reds, pinks and corals but its  really pretty. The texture is good and not too thick, again its not Hi Vis but its good enough to last You will notice chips with this colour but I do find that if they are small chips then you can add another coat and it does cover them well.

The Fortune teller I brought as a top coat as I love anything glitter. I put it over bright colours on holidays, over red for Christmas and over black for new year. It adds a bit of glitz to different colored nail paints and also acts like a top coat to protect the colour and make it last longer.

So that is my Barry M recommendations, I would love to know what nail brands and colours you love.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and happy nail painting.