AKL reviews – Beauty Laundrette vegan and cruelty free body moisturisers

Hi everyone

One of my new years resolutions, monthly goals and promises I make to myself every Sunday is that I will moisturise more. I take my make up off, cleanse and moisturise my face without fail, I am 100% dedicated to this but when it comes to the rest of my body I am so hit and miss. We all know by now that ‘starting on a Monday’ does not work!

I love the way my skin feels when it is hydrated and smelling nice but as soon as I get a bit stressed, a bit busy or out of routine then I just tend to stop doing things to look after myself. I like to moisturise because it improves the appearance of my skin, it improves the texture of my skin and also it gives me a few minutes to sit and stop rushing around. When I don’t moisturise my skin feels tight, rough and in some places sore particularly in winter. So it is obvious really, I must moisturise!

One thing that I have found makes me moisturise more often is having moisturisers that smell amazing and that I love to use. My current favourites are by the brand Beauty Launderette. I  discovered this about a year ago in Veganuary in Superdrug, they had loads of different brands that I hadn’t seen before and of course I took full advantage.

Beauty Launderette do a whole range of beauty items and if you hadn’t guessed by the name they are all launderette theme. They have face masks shaped like irons, packaging like a washing machine and moisturiser shaped like cleaning spray. I love anything like that, I fully admit I am a sucker for pretty packaging. All of the Beauty Launderette products are vegan and cruelty free which I love.

The first moisturiser I picked up is the Pink Satin Whipped body moisturiser. It comes in a really big and really pretty tube. The texture is so thick and creamy but it also soaks into the skin so well without leaving that greasy feeling alike you are going to slide out of your clothes. It smells amazing, I could use this instead of my perfume, it is sweat and fresh and subtle enough for everyday.  This one is particularly for dry skin so it is the thickest and creamiest out of the three I brought.

I also brought the Cotton Smooth Creamy body moisturiser. This is more for all skin types so still creamy and rich but thinner in texture than the Pink Satin Whipped. It smells really subtle again but the smell does last on the skin and when I get home I can still smell this.

Lastly I have the Soft Dedicates milky moisturiser. This is by far the best packaging ever, I just love it so much. It has a little spray and you have to turn the top to open and close the moisturiser like a laundry spray.

This is for sensitive skin and so its really light and gentle.  The formula is quite runny so its a little messy to put on (I have sprayed my laptop on more than one occasion) but once you master the spray (cup your hand around it) it is so nice on the skin and as much as it is lighter than the others is really does add moisturiser to the skin. You also again get a lot in the bottle for your money, these last me about a month each using once or twice a day.

One things that I have learnt over the years that as well as it being important to moisturise, how you moisturise certain parts of your body can really make a difference in how much it improves the texture of your skin. I moisturise differently for certain parts of my body.


You should massage your moisturiser into the skin starting from just above your knees. Place your thumbs together above the knee and need the moisturiser into the skin up to the top of your thighs and then back down working your way all around the front of your leg. For the back of your thigh do the dame motion but with you other four fingers. Not only will this allow your moisturiser to soak in well, it feels great and will also help improve circulation.

Hips and tummy

You want to smooth your moisturiser all over this part of your body and then massage it in in circular motions from the bottom of your tummy upwards, keep doing this until the moisturiser is soaked in.p

So that is my little review of the Beauty Launderette products. If I had to recommend one it would have to be the Soft Dedicates milky moisturiser because of the packaging and how good it feels on the skin and I hope my recommended application for parts of the body help.

Happy moisturising.

Thanks for reading.