AKL reviews – Vegan and cruelty free highlighters from Make up Revolution and ELF

Hi everyone

I am a big fan of highlighters but its one of those products that I haven’t yet found my go to favourite product. I tend to go towards the cream highlighters as I like to put it under my powder rather than as a powder on top so I cover it with a very light covering of powder just to take the edge off of it.

I feel like it can be a little bit of a mind field choosing a highlighter as there are so many different blends, colours and collections. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourites colours and brands with you.

So what is a highlighter first of all?

Highlighters reflect the light and so are designed to add light to the high parts of your face such as the cheek bones and brow bones. They come in liquid, cream or powder depending on what your preference is. They enhance the places on your face that would naturally catch the light and make the skin look brighter and fresher.

How to use a highlighter?

You can place highlighter on your brow bone, cheek bone, cupids bow, the corners of your eyes or just above your eyebrows. You can use as little or a lot, a lot of people tend to out the highlighter on top of other make up as almost the last item but you can out this under powder as well or use it mixed in with your foundation or primer to add a glow all over.

The first set of highlighter I have are probably my most classic highlighters. They are from the Make up Revolution palette. The bigger palette is the Make up Revolution Ultra Strobe balm palette and the little one is the Ultra contour kit in Lightening contour 02.

I love the Revolution palette as it contains eight different highlighters which is great as you can change depending on the make up look you want. The Make up Revolution palette have different undertones so from the top left the colours are gold, quite a yellow gold but I would call it gold, pastel pink, silver/ blue, silver, bronze, pink, green/ gold and pink/ bronze. I tend to steer towards the gold / bronze highlight colours.

The formula on each palette is very different which I always find strange with palettes be it highlighters or eye shadows. The yellow gold, pastel pink, silver/ blue and green/ gold are really chunky in texture so they kind of clump a little and almost need rubbing in (and therefore could rub off). The silver, bronze, pink and pink/ bronze are really creamy and a much better texture. They go on like a cream and don’t chunk or get bitty.

The smaller palette is actually a contour palette but there is one highlighter in there, this is a really white highlight but it is really creamy and soft on the skin. Its a little stark white for me as I like my highlighter to be quite subtle but it is really pretty.

The next part of my collection is stick and tube highlighters and I love ELF and Make up Revolution for these. Firstly I have the prettiest ELF highlighter, it is called the Targeted natural glow stick, which is not the best name but kind of does what it says on the tin. It is a gold base and really subtle, it is really creamy and doesn’t drag the skin or pull. This again is for the cheeks or corners of the eye.

The Highlighting pearl paint from ELF is in the see through tube. It doesn’t have a name but it is in a bronze colour. It is very runny and needs a really good shake before using otherwise you get a weird runny highlighter water at first. You would need the tiniest bit of this as it is really bright.

The last tube I have is the ELF Illuminating highlighter. It is again really runny and needs a good shake, this is more of a gold highlighter but other than that is almost exactly the same as the highlighting pearl paint. I am not sure why they are so runny as it means they kind of separate. This again would need only the tiniest bit.

In terms of the stick I have the ELF highlighter stick, the colour on this is amazing, maybe not the most wearable for me but also maybe the prettiest. It is actually blue/ silver and very similar to the Make up Revolution palette third from the top. I would likely wear this in the corner of my eyes if anywhere but for me this isn’t the type of highlighter I would go for.

Last but not least is the Make up Revolution duo stick, this has two stick highlighters and they are actually the same as the pink and yellow/ gold in the palette but both with the really nice creamy formula. I am not sure if this is a change in formula or if it is a different highlighter but just very similar. I have had this forever and really likely needs chucking away but there is just so much product in the stick that it last for so long.

So that is my collection of highlighter, I do want to get some powder ones to compare with the sticks and palettes so if you have any suggestions then let me know.

Thanks for reading.