AKL reviews – Make up Revolution Mega bronzer and reloaded blusher

Hi everyone

Along with primer and face powder, blusher and bronzer have always been my make up staples. I had quite bad skin as a teenager and then it sort of carried on through my twenties and so for a long time I didn’t go anywhere without my base on. I love eye make up and lips but day to day I can take or leave them but my base has always been my comfort zone.

The last few years this has been less so, firstly my skin has got better and moved from being quite oily with blemishes to slightly dry. I have also gained in confidence and don’t feel that I need to have make up on everywhere. However they are still my staples and I love trying out new version and brands. One of my favourite brands in Make up revolution.

Firstly I picked up this huge bronzer, it is the Make up Revolution Mega Bronzer in 02 Warm. It is such a big tub compare to my other bronzers and very similar in price so its such good value for money. I always go for a matte bronzer and try to avoid any that have sparkles, glitter or shimmer in as for me this highlights any texture, blemishes or lines on the face. If I want shimmer Ill add this with my highlighter after. I also try to go for a warm bronze colour instead of the darker browns as I think some bronzers can make your skin look muddy rather than glowy.

This one is great, I love it. Firstly the packaging is so pretty, I actually keep this on my desk on top of my make up draws almost like decoration until I am ready to use. It is a really warm colour which I know sounds obvious from the name but you just never know. It has a slightly gold under tone so it is amazing with a tan fake (or real tan) and is a bright bronzer not deep so not mucky looking on the skin. It is very creamy on the skin and while it is a powder goes on with quite a buttery feel. It is really easily blendable and goes on reasonably light so it can be built up.

I also picked up the Make up Revolution blusher from the Blusher Reloaded range in the colour Pink Lady. This is so pretty, it has the same gold packaging but it is deeper packaging so it makes the blusher look like it is in its own little gold cage. It is again bigger and has more product than most of my other blushers and so is really good value for money again. It is really smooth and creamy, it doesn’t drag the skin and the colour is really pigmented. I picked Pink Lady as it is bright and very pick instead of red or purple based but there is quite a big range of colours. Like the bronzer it goes on quite light and so is really good for blending and building up the colour.

All in all I really like these products, my only hesitance is in using them and ruining the pretty packaging and pattern.

Thank for reading. Happy bronzing and blushing