Review of the Make up revolution primers

Hi everyone

I am relatively new to primers and have only been using them for the past few years. Now that I am though I love them and would not put on make up without a primer. I feel that it is the key to protecting my skin, ensuring my make up stays on well and goes on smoothly.

One of my favorite brands is Make up Revolution. I have used there eye shadow palettes, foundation and now there primers. I have brought the Make up Revolution Pore Blur and the Make up Revolution Beam Dream.

So what is primer?

Primer is a liquid that you put on either after moisturiser and before make up or just with no make up after moisturising. It comes in a gel, an oil or a lotion formula. Primer fills pores, skims over texture and sits on fine lines and wrinkles to allow your foundation and powder to effectively sit on top of a smooth and flat surface meaning that it is less likely to cake or sink into pores.

How to choose a primer?

It is actually quite similar to a powder or foundation. Primers offer a glow, a matte finish, hydration, blur pores and many other effects. You pick based on what you want your skin to look like.

For my skin I am looking to add glow to my skin but also to hydrate and smooth my skin. I choose Make up Revolution because I love the brand.

The first primer I brought is the Make up Revolution Beam Dream primer. I choose this primer because of the promise to make my skin glow. It is actually for the face and the body but I will just use on my face. It is designed to be illuminating and to add a glow. It comes out in this really pretty pink pearly lotion and then gets pinker and pearlier as you rub it into the skin. It does add a slightly pink texture to the skin so just be aware if that is not for you but I love it. It acts like a highlighter under the skin and really brightens.

What I also like is that it gives you a glow while also giving a matte effect to the skin. It could be worn without make up just to give you that glow on no make up days but without being oily.

It comes out quite thick and feels likes it will be sticky but as you rub this in its actually really light and the texture feels really nice on the skin. It does have a light smell which actually reminds me of sun lotion and I would 100% wear this on holiday. As someone who doesn’t like products with fragrance I do like this one. This cost around £6 – £7 depending on where you buy.

Next I brought the Make up Revolution Pore Blur primer. This is nude in colour out of the tube but when applied to the skin it is clear. Its a gel texture and is really lovely, it is very silky and goes on to the skin without dragging. It is quite thin and needs a good shake before opening as it can separate a little. It goes on to the skin quite light so I would use this more when I am wearing no make up or just light make up.

It does what is says on the skin though and blurs my skin, it gives is like a tinted concealer effect but with out adding colour. This is not a matte finish though so it didn’t stop my skin getting slightly oily as the day went on. This was about £7 or £8 depending on where you buy it.

All in all I am really impressed with both of these primers, they are really good value for money and last well as you only need a little bit.

Thank you for reading