AKL reviews – The Ordinary Caffeine solution- vegan and cruelty free eye treatment

Hi everyone

I’ve done quite a few blog posts on The Ordinary so if you have read even one of those you will know that every time I look for a new product I turn to them. Well this product I didn’t even know I was looking for until one of my favourite Instagramers ‘Pink Peony Home’ recommended this on her blog. One of her blog post was her morning skincare routine and in her post she recommended The Ordinary Caffeine solution 5% plus ECGC.

I had been really thinking about increasing or changing my routine for my eyes. I feel that they take a bit of a battering daily as someone with really sensitive eyes (make up, contact lenses, environmental pollution) so I wanted to make sure I was looking after my skin around my eyes as much has possible and decided to give this a go.

The Ordinary is a collection by Deciem, it is made up of lots of different treatments so instead of buying a high street brand with a list of ingredients already in you almost make your own concoction of products so that you have a routine based on what you need specifically for your skin. I would recommend going on the website and also speaking to there experts as they can recommend products for you and also there is a very detailed description of what each products does. The collection for me 100% buys in to my love of trying different products and I just love the packaging and look of the collection.

The Ordinary Caffeine solution 5% plus ECGC  is designed for the area around your eyes to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and puffiness. You need the smallest amount of the product, even a pea sized amount is too much as it goes a long way. It comes in a dropper topped tube and comes out a slightly yellowy colour almost like honey. It is a thick serum texture and all you do is dab it between your fingers (ideally the finger next to your little finger as this is the gentlest) and dab it along the bottom of your eye out to the corners.

I feel that this product really tightens the area around my eyes and after a tough few weeks at work I do believe it reduces the puffiness which I know a lot of products claim but this for me has really worked. It also works to reduce dark circles. I personally add this to my eye cream which is currently just the Simple eye cream as its really good value and really hydrates the eye. In Pick Peony Home blog she adds her eye cream after the Caffeine solution.

This product like The Ordinary generally is really good value for money. You can find it here https://amzn.to/3nTrOWI. You need the tiniest bit ever so this will last me months even using it every day twice a day. All of The Ordinary products are cruelty free and I believe for the most part they are vegan as well. If you are not sure of the difference you can read my blog post here – What is the difference between vegan beauty and cruelty free beauty

I hope this has helped if you are on the look out for a good eye product and happy moisturising.

Thanks for reading