AKL reviews – The Ordinary vegan and cruelty free suncream – spf 30

Hi everyone

Sunscreen is so important to protect your skin but that doesn’t mean I like putting it on. Even on holiday it is sticky, greasy and is the one things that make me break out more than any other product or lifestyle choice. I can party all night with a full face of make up, drink a few too many proseccos and then eat a bunch of junk food to cure my hangover and my skin still looks better than after a couple of days of sunscreen application.

However after all of that I am a sunscreen advocate. Sunscreen is a long game skin protector and for that I have always thought I needed to suffer to short term consequences. Recently though with the advances in skincare and especially the advances in more affordable skincare I thought there has to be a product that protects my skin and doesn’t break me out.

Well I almost don’t dare say it but in The Ordinary sun care I think I may have found it. I recently purchased the Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants and it immediately is so different to every other sun care products I have used.

Firstly it doesn’t have the same greasy, slick finish to it and it actually gives my skin a matte effect. It comes out quite thick and my heart sank a little bit but once I put this on the skin and rubbed it in then it actually has a very similar texture to a primer. A thicker primer granted but still.

It took a few seconds to rub in to the skin but once it did it disappeared and after about 2 or 3 minutes felt completely matte on the skin. I had read a couple of reviews that said it left a white sheen on the skin and made there skin appear brighter. I didn’t find this but I have very pale skin and so I suppose for darker skin tones that this may be something you notice. However for me it soaked right into the skin. I could feel it on my skin, it wasn’t sticky but I could feel that I had product on my face.

I wanted this as an everyday sunscreen as well as to use on holiday. I tried this with and without make up on the top. With make up I would say you wouldn’t need a primer as well as this can act as a primer unless you are using a colour corrector or tinted primer for example. Without make up it really kept my skin matte. I was really impressed and surprised. In terms of breaking me out I have been using this everyday for a week sometimes with make up and other times not and so far it hasn’t broken me out. I do wonder if that might change as I put this on more frequently in a hot country but for the moment that is not an issue.

I live in England and it is currently still very wintry so as I would as with any new sunscreen I would want to be really careful if I use this in a hotter country where the sun is stronger until I was certain it does the job I do use SPF 30 on holiday though and  for what I currently use it for its a big thumbs up.

This does smell like a really pleasant and fresh sunscreen which made me feel desperate for some sun. It is quite coco-nutty but I don’t think it actually contain coconut. It comes in a 50ml tube and was about £6 depending on where you get it. It is good value for money as because it is quite thick you don’t need a lot, of course you will likely need to top this up more the hotter the country you are in. As with all The Ordinary products is is cruelty free and I believe most products are also vegan. If you want to understand the difference then please I have a blog post on this here – What is the difference between vegan beauty and cruelty free beauty

So all in all I am really impressed with The Ordinary sun care product. You can get this from Beauty bay, Boots the Chemist and of course Amazon, the link is here – https://amzn.to/2KJGSaO

Thank you for reading and happy sun screening.