AKL Reviews – The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer

Hi everyone

I am in love with the brand The Ordinary, I saw it on Mrs Hinch Instagram which I know is a little weird as she is not a person I go to for skin care advice even though her skincare and make up is amazing but almost because of that when she said she loved it I thought why not. I am always looking for new skincare and it can be a bit of a minefield but since I brought my first The Ordinary product I’ve not looked back. One of my latest purchases is The Ordinary High Adherence silicone primer.

So what is a primer? A primer is a formula for your skin that fills pores, skims over texture and smooths fine lines and wrinkles to allow your foundation and powder to effectively sit on top of a smooth and flat surface. This means that it is less likely to cake or sink into pores. It comes in a gel, an oil or a lotion formula. The different type of formula and also the different brand will depend on the results you get.

The Ordinary do two different primers. Firstly a High spread-ability fluid primer and then the High Adherence silicone primer. The High spread-ability fluid primer is a serum formula and I have heard both good and bad reviews, good for filling pores and smoothing skin but not so good for keeping make up on. I wasn’t sure a serum was what I was looking for as I prefer the matte finish.

The High Adherence silicone primer however I saw mostly good reviews. So with that and the fact that I think the texture suits my skin type better I decided to give this a go. This looks like a moisturiser when you first squeeze this out but with a slightly different texture,. Its really soft and silky on the skin which I love. It comes out white but goes on clear. It soaks in well and really smooths over fine lines, wrinkles and texture on the skin. It also covers spots well to create a much smooth base for foundation.

I find that its a really good base for foundation and powder but actually just gives the skin a blurred smoother look without adding any further make up. I tried this on a day when I was going for a long walk in horrible weather and then shopping and it kept my foundation on nicely. I use The Ordinary foundation as well. It is not necessarily a matte finish but also does feel like it controls the oil coming through on the skin.

The primer is really affordable at just over £5 and you can get it in a number of places. The tube is quite small you done need a awful lot so it does go a long way. So all in all I would recommend this product, its s really affordable and good quality basic to add to your collection. You can get this from Beauty Bay, Boots the Chemist stock this as well as Cult beauty and of course Amazon which you can get here https://amzn.to/3aZZtKP.

Hope you enjoyed reading and happy priming.