AKL reviews -The Ordinary vegan and cruelty free face cleanser

Hi everyone

I have recently started using The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser. It is the one The Ordinary product I have not been as bothered about purchasing as I like my Simple face wash and so haven’t necessarily been looking for another. However I kept hearing really good things about this product and I am such a big fan of The Ordinary. So I got to that stage in my shopping basket where is was pay for delivery or buy another product and get free delivery so you can all guess the choice I made. So here I am with a review of the Squalane Cleanser.

So firstly what is a cleanser? A cleanser is basically there to clean your face and remove make up, dirt, oils and any environmental nasties that attach themselves to your face. People use the term cleanser and face wash interchangeably but I tend to associate cleansers with more creamier products.

Secondly what is squalane? This is an oil we make naturally in the body but as we age it declines. It can come in animal or plant form but thankfully The Ordinary is both vegan and cruelty free so no animal products in there. It is included in cleansers because it is really good at melting away make up and dirt as well as being gentle and moisturising on the skin.

Having oily skin for most of my life I have always tended towards those face washes that are washed off with water rather than cotton pads. This one feels like a mixture of both as it is really creamy in texture and comes out like a moisturiser but when rubbed together with warm water it becomes milky in texture. and so easy to wash off.

I was a little skeptical to start off with as I wasn’t sure if it would clean my skin and remove make up as it felt a little light. I used it once in the morning and twice in the evening to remove my make up and then cleanse my face. Its really gentle on the face and doesn’t drag or pull but it did remove my make up including removing my mascara and make my face feel clean and fresh. It didn’t irritate my eyes which for someone with sensitive eyes is great and had not smell to it which I appreciate.

The only thing I would say is that it is a very small tube and I used it very quickly compared to other cleansers I have used that are the same price or cheaper. It was a lovely cleanser but whereas I have loved and repurchased many of the other Ordinary products I have used this one was just ok. I would recommend it as a cleanser as it does exactly what you need it to but not really any better than its cheaper and bigger counter parts so for me for the moment at least I will likely stick to my Simple face wash.

If you do want to try this products the ink is here – https://amzn.to/38IeC0b

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you very much for taking the time.