AKL reviews – The prettiest MUA primer I have ever seen

Hi everyone

I am a big fan of the brand Make Up Academy or MUA. I regular use there face powders and I have tried there mascaras, foundations and bronzers. So when I saw this primer it looked so pretty and I had to buy it. While I appreciate that is maybe not the main reason for buying products I went for it anyway.

So firstly what is a primer?

Primer is a formula for you skin that fills pores, skims over texture and sits on fine lines and wrinkles to allow your foundation and powder to effectively sit on top of a smooth and flat surface. This means that it is less likely to cake or sink into pores. It comes in a gel, an oil or a lotion formula. The different type of formula and also the different brand will depend on the results you get.

My skin type of combination so I tend to get slightly oilier on my T Zone and then dry to normal on my cheeks (if there is such a thing as normal) so basically no spots or dry patches.

This primer (as I imagine you assumed) is an oil so quite different from my normal type of primer. I normally go for the lotions that have more of a silicone feel like The Ordinary High Adherence primer which I also just recently brought. You can see my review on this in my blog post. I tend to like a matte finish for my foundation so I tend to go for a matte finish primer to add to the feel. However as I get older I am trying to find every way possible to get more moisturiser into my skin and I have noticed that parts of my skin have been slightly drier and my foundation is sticking to them.

This primer feels more like a serum, for an oil it is very thin and almost feels slightly water based. I was a little nervous about using it as I don’t want an oil finish to my skin and I was worried my foundation would slide around. It actually soaked into the skin so well and actually leave a really smooth and hydrated finish, it didn’t feel oily or sticky. I was really impressed.

The real test was when I applied foundation though. I tried this under two different types of foundation. Firstly there is my MUA foundation which is really matte and quite a full coverage foundation. The foundation went over this really well but it didn’t last very long. This primer didn’t really do anything to stop the shine or oil on my skin. My skin is not very oily now but when I was younger this would have been worse. It felt like this primer gave the smooth surface in terms of where I have fine lines or texture on my face but didn’t control the shine.

Secondly I tried this under my glow lotion and face powder so a much lighter make up look and this stayed much better. My glow lotion is from ELF and is like a highlighter lotion and my powder was was my normal MUA face powder. It went on really smoothly and also stayed better, my skin went oilier than with other primers but because I had quite a light coat on top it didn’t appear as shiny.

All in all I did like this primer but I wouldn’t repurchase as I don’t think it is suitable for my skin for all occasions. Any thing slightly more heavy duty than a walk around the supermarket and I think I would be a greasy mess or reapplying my powder very frequently.

If you have dry skin and find other primers too drying then this would be for you otherwise I would use in addition to another primer and put this only on the dry patches of my skin or use when my skin is feeling the affects of winter.

I love MUA generally and this is the prettiest primer I have ever had but I think it is a one off purchase for me.

Thanks for reading