Review of the Revolution brow tint

Hi everyone

In a world of eyebrows on fleek I feel very much fleekless. I grew up in the 90’s so think thin, over plucked and arched. It was the fashion at the time and like with any fashion anyone who dared to have more that a thin strip of hair on there eyebrows was a social outcast! Fast forward to today and we are all praying to the hair gods for thick and bushy.

Hair grows back I hear you say. Well mostly yes but for me not so much. I am at a point now where I barely have to pluck my eyebrows due to over plucking and also because I am slightly challenged when it comes to hair growth. You would never know it as I have quite thick long hair but the truth is that it is very fine and so when it comes to eye brows they look quite sparse and for a natural brunette quite blonde.

So I thought I would try a more long lasting solution in the form of a brow tint. There are so many really long lasting ways now like tattooing your eyebrows but I am not ready for anything that permanent yet so a longer lasting but also temporary fix felt like a good starting point. I am a massive fan of the Revolution brand and so I picked up the Revolution brow tint in the colour Toupe.

So firstly what is a brow tint?

Well a brow tint is designed to give you a temporary fuller brow as if you had filed it in with a pencil but without the effort of doing that everyday. It is only a temporary tint and so last up to about three days. You could either use it to top up your brows each week or maybe if you have a big event coming up and want more defined brows.

I picked up the colour Toupe because my eye brows are very light even thought my hair is a really violet black brown so I didn’t want to go too dark on my first attempt. Toupe is actually this is quite dark, if I didn’t see the name of the product I would have called it dark brown to black so be really careful unless you have really black eye brows already.

The Revolution brow tint comes in 3 colours so Toupe, Medium brown and Dark brown. It’s not that extensive and it would be nice to see a broader range especially for those people with much lighter brows. The product cost £5 which is really good and is not too expensive if you decide its not for you.

The product comes in what looks like a small mascara tube and has a stick in but the end is a very small brush almost like a lip liner brush. The tint is very runny and loads of product comes out on the brush so be really careful when you open it. You apply this by basically brushing the tint over your eyebrows in the shape that you want you brows to be.

It sounds really easy but actually its really tempting to fill a bit wider or longer and as much as I am all for the ‘eyebrows are sisters and not twins’ school of thought I don’t think they should be estranged. I extended one of my brows too much, it was fine as I was working from home for a couple of days anyway and a little bit of foundation soon covered it up but be careful if you have to actually go out that day. My advice would be just be a little careful with how heavy handed you are.

It take about 15/20 minutes to work but you can leave this on for anything up to 2 hours. I left it for 40 minutes the first time as it looked darker than expected and then about 2 hours the second time. If you have a steady hand then I would say go for longer as it does last longer but if you are new to this or have to leave the house very soon after maybe stick to about 40 minutes.

When you are ready to remove you simply peal it off like a face mask and brush away any excess. Its really easy and it comes off in a couple of sections so not fiddly. Its not wet and won’t smudge and will just wear off over the next few days.

There is so much product in the tube so this will last me for ages. I reckon I could do this 2/ 3 times per week for months and not run out which makes it amazing value for £5. I would recommend this if you like to use products at home like I do and if you want to define you brows without spending a fortune.

Did it last?

Yes it did! After leaving on for 40 minutes the first time it lasted 3 days but by the third is was largely worn off, after leaving it on for the 2 hours I would say the first day was too dark for me but the second day it had worn enough for it to be the right shade for me and it lasted really well and it was about the 4th day before I saw any wear off significantly so that I had to pencil again. I was really impressed!

I hope this has been useful if you were thinking about something more longer lasting than your daily pencil or gel and thank you very much for reading.