AKL reviews – My new vegan and cruelty free Make up Revolution lip glosses

Hi everyone

I had a little it of a lip product clear out recently because of course they all need clearing out about the same time so it left my collection looking a little bleak. This year because of lock down I have been buying more lip balms and tinted lip balms like the Paw Paw range – which I love. However with a potential chance to see people in the new year I thought I would treat myself.

One of my favorite brands as I am sure I have mention hundreds of times is Make up Revolution and seen as they have some amazing sales around Christmas I purchase a few lip products and a few different types to try out the different formulas.

I got hooked in by the ‘bomb style’ lip glosses, they are so pretty. Firstly I brought the Make up Revolution Shimmer bomb in the colour Sparkle. It is the prettiest lip product I have ever purchased, it is shimmery, pink and like a glitter explosion on your lips. It is very thick and so you get a lot of product on the brush and for me its too much glitter all at once.

I personally use this as a topper to other lip glosses or balms to sort of spread the glitter out. It does however last really well because it is that bit stickier than the other lip glosses. The brush is huge compared to other lip gloss blushes and in my opinion needs to be smaller because I think you would get less product out each time. This will be amazing for a night out though in summer or on holiday.

The next product I got is the Make up Revolution Pout Bomb lip gloss in the colour Cndy. Again it is so pretty, it comes in the same type tube as the shimmer bomb and the same brush which is a shame but it is a different formula. This one smells like mint and when you put it on your lips it tingles like tooth paste on the lips. I love it, it smells amazing and it make your lips feel fuller hence the plumping bit. The colour is a pale pink, a slightly paler colour than I would normally go for so I have been mixing it with a slightly darker pink to make the colour I want. Its just such a shame how much product comes out as it kind of trails on to the edge of the tube but it is still worth the purchase for the gloss itself.

The next product I got I love it is the Make up Revolution Sheer Brilliant in Knockout 103. It looks like a really bright coral in the tube but as it is a sheer its almost the colour of a tinted balm when it actually goes on the lips. It really glossy and it is thinner than the bomb lip glosses. The brush is better as its a flat brush rather than the tilted brush on the bomb so you get only the products you need.

I also got the Make up Revolution Sheer Brilliant in Gone Rouge 124. Its a lot darker and I would almost say brown with red and orange undertones. It wouldn’t normally be a colour I would go for because I am normally a pink and coral person but because its the sheer range its again just a hint of the colour so I like it. I would likely wear this with heavier make up on a night out rather than in the day personally.

To mix it up a bit I got the Make up Revolution Creme in Featured 109. This as the title suggest is a much creamier formula and it is a matte texture. It feels lovely on the lips, one of the nicest actually because it is so creamy and feels more hydrating. It is much darker than normal for me and I was thinking it would be lovely for winter but actually because of the texture being cream and not sheer it is too dark for me. I would 100% buy this again for texture but I think a slightly different colour for me.

Finally is the I Heart Revolution lip gloss in Chocolate Orange and I am not sure but I thought I had read that this was chocolate orange smelling as well. It is such a subtle hint of smell I cant quite tell if it is or not. However I love the lip gloss, it is really creamy and goes on almost like a balm in texture. The colour is a pink nude and it has the same brush as the sheer glosses which is great. Aside from the fact I wish it did smell like chocolate orange I love this

So that is my mini Revolution lip product haul to top up my lip products. My favourite for wearability has to be the I Heart Revolution gloss or the sheer range. You can really go for any colour in the sheer range because its lighter than normal. My favourite for just being so pretty is the shimmer bomb of course!

Thank you for reading