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Hi everyone

I brought this Superdrug Studio London shine lip glosses in a lip vault pack for Christmas and I thought it was time I shared a review. Its an amazing set and has 10 different products, 8 shine lip glosses, 1 matte lip colour and 1 lip oil. Its not a collection I had used before bit I do love Superdrug generally so I had high hopes. Its also got some perfect colours for this valentines day.

You get an amazing range of colours, they don’t unfortunately have a name each which I know doesn’t matter but I really like the names of products.

The first gloss looks like a burgundy colour on the photo but it is actually a deep pink red, its a really nice Christmas colour and would look really pretty with some glittery eye shadow. The texture is so nice and its really pigmented. It actually stains your lips as well, I like that as it means the colour will stay longer but others may not.

Next is a brown pink colour, it come out like a very dark nude. Its pretty but not so much for me I prefer light colours or pink red as the nudes/browns wash me out a little. This would look nice with a really deep brown eye. Its a really full colour and even though its a gloss its not washed out or sheer.

Next is a real classic pillar box red, its so pretty and bright on the lip and again a really nice Christmas colour. If you like a classic red this is for you, its really pigmented and again slightly stains the lips so its takes a while for the colour to fade.

Finally in this picture is a glittery pink, its really pretty but very barbie pink. Its the kind of colour you get in a first make up set with all those syrupy sticky bright colours. If I was to wear this it would be on a beach holiday as I think it would really good with a tan but I think the colour generally is a little young for me.

Next we have the two anomalies in the pack, the lip oil and the matte lip colour. I am not sure why there are more shine colours but that is fine with me as I am a little picky with my mattes and I will always go towards shine glosses.

The lip oil is amazing, it smells like chocolate. I am not sure if it is meant to as it doesn’t mention it on the box or tube but it really does and I love it. Its really hydrating and does add a shine to the lips so if you want to pop out with little to no make up then this is a good addition.

The matte lip colour is maybe the prettiest in the pack, its a really bright pick which would look amazing with a glittery eye shadow or a holiday look. Matte is not really my favourite as it does intensify the color significantly and so I think I would add a gloss over this or a balm underneath but if you are a bright colour kind of person then you would love this. It does stain the lips (and my hand when I did swatches) and it does take make up remover to fully take off.

Next is the glitters and we have a gold and a rose gold. The gold looks really gold in the tube but on the lips it is clear with a glitter shine not glitter particles. It has a pale pink pearly shine to it and in different lights it look like there is silver particles as well. It is really pretty and for me most likely one of the most used colours.

The rose gold look like it will come out deeper in the bottle but actually this exactly the same on the skin as the gold. For me this is fine as I love them but not a shame not to have two different colored glitters. They are both very subtle and as you can see in the swatches at the bottom almost disappear.

Last but not least is the two more pink shades. These will be so nice in summer and are such pretty colours. I think I have used the word pretty so many times but it really does apply to this lip collection.

The light colour is a nude pick, almost pastel. This is maybe my favourite colour (have I said that already in this blog post). Its very sheer and so there is less colour and more shine on the lips, almost like a tinted balm. I love it though.

The brighter pick is even brighter on the skin, its quite barbie pick and most certainly a summer colour. Its more pigmented and so the colour will show through more than the pastel pick as well as the shine. It is a little sticky but not so much that it would feel uncomfortable on the lips.

So that is the collection, I love that it has a summer and winter part as well as a few that would be good for all seasons. They are slightly smaller that other glosses but I think that is because I brought the kit. I really like the brushes in these glosses as its quite small with a little ledge at the bottom to scope the gloss but unlike some products you don’t get too much product.

I have swatches of the glosses below as some of them do look slightly different on the skin to the tube. I have my Christmas nails on as well. You can just about see the glitter gold and rose gold on the left above the pinks. All in all I would recommend this brand for lip products and I would try other products in this range based on this set.

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