Review of the vegan menu at Escabeche Nottingham

Hi everyone

I have written a post recently on Baresca and the vegan version of there menu. This was my version of the deal of the day in terms of they swapped out items like the cheese to make it vegan. Well things got even better I recently went to Escabeche for lunch and they now have a vegan menu for their daily deal which  is amazing. Baresca is a sister restaurant Escabeche restaurant in Nottingham. Both are tapas restaurant and I would say are my favourite restaurants.  The full menu is below.

The deal of the day is £10.95 which is such a bargain. You get a flatbread or Catalan bread then two tapas dishes and one side.

I chose the Catalan bread as I have had the flat bread before. It is toasted bread with blended tomatoes with a basil garnish. It is really yummy and really refreshing, I do find that the food is always so fresh at both Escabeche and Baresca.

For my tapas I firstly chose the Tempura Courgettes, these are deep fried courgettes in batter and so while that is not the healthiest option they are so light and crispy. I would recommend these whether you are vegan or not as they are really tasty and full of flavour which is not what people always expect from vegan options. You get a really big portion and it comes with vegan garlic mayonnaise.

The other tapas option I had was the sweet potato, chickpea, coconut, peanut and cauliflower tagine. This is one of the most amazing dishes I have had at either restaurant and really up there with some of the best tapas dishes I have had. This was moreish, filling and so much flavour. It looks like a tiny portion but it was actually really filling.

For my side dish I had patatas bravas, this is my favourite food maybe just ever. It is fried potatoes with a tomato sauce and vegan mayonnaise. They do it slightly differently at Escabeche compared to Baresca where they have more of  chopped tomato topping.

So that was my deal of the day and I believe it is available at both Barecsa and Escabeche. I really feel that even if you are vegetarian or a meat eater that these dishes would be great.

Thanks for reading