Skincare again

Hi everyone.
I’m talking skincare again. So a few posts ago I talked about Skin System face cream, the Superdrug light face moisturiser and the Nspa eye cream this time and while I do still love these products I’ve mixed it up a bit.
I’ve decided to take the SPF out of my skincare, my skin felt very clogged particularly around my chin and while I do believe I do need a SPF I think this may have been the culprit. So in the mean time until I find one that doesn’t clog my pores I’m using the light Superdrug moisturiser in the day and then I have 2 new products to talk about.

The first one is a night cream and it’s from Superdrug again but this time the Naturally Radient range which is slightly more expensive but still affordable. It contains Kwei Fruits and Mulberry extract which brighten the skin and also renewing fruit acids. I really like this product, it is slightly heavier that my normal cream but that’s good for a night cream. It also smells amazing. You may have noticed for many of my post that smell is important to me and this one smell very fruity with no harsh chemicals at all.
The second one is my new eye cream and as much as I really liked the Nspa one I decided it was good to try something new and so I purchase the Naturally Radient one as well. This doesn’t really have a smell but there is still no chemical undertone. It’s very creamy and rich my only issues with this is that it sits on my eyes for a long time and stay wet for a while before soaking in. This is not brilliant if your In a rush other than that I would reccomend this.
I love finding new skincare, what are your favourites?
Have a good weekend everyone