Superdrug Cruelty Free Super Balm

Hi everyone

So I was passing through Superdrug as I do at every given opportunity and I was picking up a few essentials (and half the rest of the shop) when I spotted a few new face skincare bits which caught my eye.

I half read the cover of this product as for dry skin and pretty much ignored it at first as I don’t have dry skin on my face (apart from my lips), my skin is quite oily so I avoid anything for dry skin. Then spotted that it was actually for dry skin, nails, cuticles and lips and I immediately grabbed this and I am so glad I did these are the main areas of concerns for me and long storey short this product is amazing!


That pretty much sums this up, it is actually amazing, where has it been all my life! It is a tiny little tub about the same size as the lips scrubs from Lush (if you are a fan) but good things officially do come in small packages.


It is a similar texture to lip balm and actually you apply it in a similar way. You just run your finger over it and apply to the places you need which for me are my lips and skin around my nails. It is completely clear and smells really nice as it contains coconut oil, avocado oil and shea butter, it is part of the vitamin E range from Superdrug which I have used on my skin before.

The texture goes on like a lip balm but it then disappears into the skin so it is non greasy and made my skin instantly softer and less dry around my hands even after a couple of washes. I have been applying it constantly for a few days and it looks like it hasn’t been touched so really good value for money as I think it cost around £2/3.


It is perfect handbag size and because it sinks in so quickly and leaves no grease it is perfect for taking to work. I use a computer at work so its horrible when I put moisturiser on and leave greasy finger prints all over my laptop.

I would recommend this product to anyone with dry skin but also I personally have used it in other ways for example those areas you don’t want to fake tan I used it as a barrier and also for when you are dying your hair to protect your skin around your ears and forehead. For me this has become a constant in my handbag.

Have you tried this product or any of the other Vitamin E ranges? Let me know what you think? Have you got any amazing products you have accidentally stumbled on?

Thanks for reading