Superdrug vegan and cruelty free haul

Hi everyone

If you have read even one of my blogs you will know that I love Superdrug and it is most certainly my favorite shop for vegan and cruelty free products. In a lot of shops you have to be really careful and it take some googling and some knowledge of ingredient, in Superdrug I can pick up the vast majority of there own brand products and know they are vegan and cruelty free. It like going shopping before I went vegan. I love experimenting with new vegan products as well but its nice to be able to grab anything as well sometimes.

So I thought I would share with you some of my Superdrug purchases with some old favorites and some new bits for the summer.

The first thing I picked up was body moisturiser. I love the Vitamin E range at Superdrug, they do lots of different moisturisers in lotions, gels, oils. They are really affordable at about £2 – £5 each and they seem to be always on buy one get on free or buy one get one half price.

I got the Vitamin E all over body cream with moonstone extract, this is a charity edition for Marie Curie. This is just a really good basic for all over the body, it smells nice but very subtle. It soaks in well even though it is quick thick in texture but does take a little longer so I would recommend this at night or if you have more time in the morning.

I also picked up the Vitamin E dry oil from the same range. I personally use this on areas of my body that need extra moisture like elbows, knees, hips but it can be used all over. I tend to put the all over body lotion on top. This smells lovely and even though it is an oil and therefore greasier than the cream it doesn’t rub off on clothes, furnishings so its really easy to use. I would recommend this for dry patches or if you are wanting to tan (naturally or fake) to really make sure you get rid of any dry skin.

Finally in the moisturiser section I picked up Palmers Raw Shea moisturiser. This is by far my favorite but it is a little bit more expensive that the Vitamin E range. It smells amazing so I tend to out this on my arms all the time so I can smell it. This is use if I am in a rush as it soaks in instantly. Its really thick and I can feel the difference in my skin. The only issue really is that its more expensive and gets used up quite quickly that is why I use ore than one moisturiser.

Next I brought some face products. I got the B.Pure Micellar water to remove my make up. I have previously been using just the face wash but I brought this to make sure I am really getting rid of all the make up before washing my face. I also find that this is good for wiping over my eye when I have hay fever as it is quite soothing. I have really sensitive eyes so I was really impressed that this didn’t irritate or dry out my eyes. This was about £2 and it lasts so long so its really good value for money.

I also got the Tea tree face wash, I have been using this for ever and I really like it. I think it was one of my first vegan products when I made the move. It is refreshing and so nice after a day at work to get my face fresh and clean. This face wash is about £3.50 and I have never seen it not on by one get one free!

Finally I got the Tea tree facial cleaning pads from the same brand as the face wash. I have always had quite oily skin which is getting less as I get older but I do find my skin is better if I exfoliate often. I have to be really careful though to make sure its  not too harshly so that my skin gets dry and damaged. These for me work perfectly as they are really gentle. These are about £3 ans they last me about a month using mostly twice a day.

Finally I brought a foot nourishing sock pack. These come in the shape of little socks up to about the ankle and they contain tea tree and peppermint inside the sock so you can out your foot in with no mess. They are cooling and make your feet feel really fresh and clean after using.  They do feel slightly slimy at first and I often put socks over the top so I can move but they are so goof on a hot day! These are just under £2 and they are often buy 2 get one free or buy one get one half price.

So that is my Superdrug haul, they are such good value for money and good quality. If you are starting out with buying cruelty free products and / or vegan then its such a good place to start.

Thanks you for reading