The body shop Shea butter collection review – cruelty free

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So the body shop is not somewhere I actually shop very often mainly due to its time being owned by L’Oréal. I felt a little fake being vegan by buying from them knowing that L’Oréal tested on animals. I believe they are now owned by Natura who don’t test on animals (I believe) but its taken me some time to go back.

This was actually a gift for my birthday and I really like it. It contains a body wash, body lotion, scrub, soap and a body exfoliating cloth.


The first thing I tried was the Shea Butter body cream wash. I really like cream washes rather than gels as they feel like they don’t dry my skin as much and actually add moisturiser while cleaning my skin.


I tend to use shower creams with exfoliator scrubs as I do have sensitive skin so its more moisturising. Although the scrub in this pack was really soft. I do like to give most of my body such as my legs and arms a really good scrub but when it comes to more sensitive areas like my belly and chest I really like scrubs like this as they are so soft but also leave my skin feeling so smooth and fresh. This scrub smells really lovely as well and with it being sugar it is much better for the environment.


The next items in the pack is the soap, I am not such a big fan of soap other than lush soap as I find it really drying but this on does smell really lovely actually and with the shower cream being so moisturising I might actually give this one ago. I have a draw full of soaps that have come in gift packs that I need to use.


Lastly I have the body butter and I have left the best till last. I took this on holiday and it was so thick and creamy and made my skin so soft. I am going to purchase the full size tub of this as it is so good


What is your opinion on the body shop, have you tired this set. I would love to hear any recommendation that you have for good body shop products.


Thanks for reading


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  1. I got this set as a gift too and love it! I love how subtle the scent is and the products feel so nice on the skin! x


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