My review of The Ordinary 100% organic cold pressed borage oil

Hi everyone

Today I have another The Ordinary product to review for you. It is my newest product, the 100% organic Cold Pressed Borage oil. You can find this in The Ordinary’s hydrators and oils section of products. If you are familiar with The Ordinary you will know they have four sections of projducts. They are: Vitamins and retinoids, hydrators and oils, acids and molecules then they have a range of foundations. You pick products from the different sections based on your needs to effectively layer on your skin e.g. anti aging, blemish, textured skin and so on.

The 100% Organic Cold Pressed Borage Seed oil is designed to soothe and calm your skin if it is feeling a little dry, irritated and stressed out. It contains a high concentration of gamma-linolenic acid which is a fatty substance that is said to be good at treating skin conditions including systemic sclerosis, psoriasis, and eczema. You can also find gamma-linolenic acid in things like Evening primrose oil. This product also has other fatty acids in including linoleic, oleic, stearic and palmitic acids. These are there to help maintain the normal function of healthy cells. They are all really hydrating and moisturising for your skin.

I personally brought this as an added extra to my skin care routine. I use the Argireline solution, the hyaluronic acid and the natural moisturising factors. If you are interested in reading my post about them you can find that here – The Ordinary 3 step skincare review . I wanted something a little extra to add in a few times week to treat my skin. I started off using this two or three times a week in the evenings but now I use it nearly every night and I love it. I put this on after my Argireline solution and hyaluronic acid and before my natural moisturising factors.

I also add an extra drop and rub it really well into my hands as it mositurises them really well. I like the fact that it is an oil but not very oily. I have normal to dry skin with the odd blemish but typically on my chin I can get blemishes. It is often those big horrible ones that enter a room before you do and make you feel like you have been punched in the chin (I am grateful to have never been punched in the chin but I have watched all the Rocky movies so I am taking a punt that is how it feels) so oils have never been my friend. This one is moisturising but not greasy for example when I put it on my hands I can then go back to typing away on my computer after about 10 seconds with no greasy residue.

The Ordinary is a really affordable brand and worth the money in my opinion. It is a 30 ml bottle and I would say that I am expecting it to last me a couple of months even though I have started to use this every evening.

The only tiny (really tiny) thing I would say is that out of all of The Ordinary products I have used it is the only one with a slight smell. I am sure they all have very subtle smells but I cant smell them when they go on my face and I am a little weird about smells when it comes to beauty products. The smell of this products I would say is a very subtle version of olive oil. It is not a bad smell and it doesn’t put me off but its there but really is the only slight negative comment I would make.

All in all I am so happy with what I have purchased from The Ordinary and I will most certainly be buying again.

Thank you for reading