Review of The Ordinary – 100% Plant Derived Hemi Squalane

Hi everyone

More The Ordinary products today, this time one for my hair. When I purchased my skincare I added in the 100% plant derived hemi squalane as I thought this sounded like a really mositurising addition, which it is of course but it is also designed for hair. I usually use the Argon oil from Superdrug range which I love and works really well but due to lock down for COVID 19 I ran out and couldn’t get any more so I thought I would try this.

The Ordinary Skincare 100% Plant-Derived Hemi-Squalane 30ml

The product itself is for supporting healthy skin and hair, taming frizzy hair and hydrating skin. It comes in the nicest little packaging with a little dropper top and little brown bottle. I know that neither of these things make up the product but actually I love packaging much more than I should. I think of skincare and beauty products as a treat so for me the packaging is a big part.

The product is actually so good though so no danger of being style over substance. I have used this on my face and hair but will be mainly using it on my hair going forward. It is an oil and found in the Hydrators and oils section of The Ordinary.

On my skin it soaks so nicely and feels like an extra shot of hydration. It doesn’t feel greasy and the Natural moisturising factors from The Ordinary goes so well on top.

For hair care I put this on after washing my hair when it is still damp. I put a couple of drops in my hand and rub it together then run it through my hair from the bottom up. I was a little bit worried at first as it does feel oily when you put it in your hands. I have a lot of hair but it is very fine so it gets greasy quite quickly but I thought I would try it. It is not greasy at all, it soaks into my hair and it does tame the frizz and really smooths my hair out but there is no build up or residue. My hair is not too frizzy but I spent a good number of years blonde which means bleach so about half way down my hair its really damaged and if you add in straighteners and curlers its does need that added serum and protection.

This cost me £2.75 from the beauty bay website as well so it is cheaper than my normal serum. I think this is such a good price for a 30ml bottle, I use it every other day and I am about half way down the bottle after a month so its really lasts well.

I would recommend this products and so far from what I have tried I would also recommend The original.

Hope you enjoyed reading