The Ordinary – 3 step skincare review

Hi everyone

I have been on the look out for some new skin care for a while now and I find that the skincare world is a very difficult one to navigate without spending a fortune. I have in the past stuck to a few of my favorite brands such as Simple, B. from Superdrug or Superdrug own brands. With us being in lock down I have not had the opportunity to go to Superdrug and while the supermarket does have brands like Simple, other choices are limited.

I had been hearing about The Ordinary a lot but as I said its really hard to navigate sometimes between fad and favorite. After going through the website I decided to give this a go. I have very difficult skin because I have oily and dry skin, some blemishes and some texture so I basically need every product in there range!

I knew I was after hydration, that was my focus and I went for 3 products to help with that. They are Argireline Solution 10%, Hyaluronic acid 2% plus B5 and Natural moisturising factors plus Hyaluronic acid. I thought I would share with you my thoughts. I have been using these products for about a month and half now and I have just repurchased so that will give you a clue to my thoughts.

Firstly the Argireline Solution 10%, this is found in the Peptides section of The Ordinary. A peptide is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks that make up proteins in our body and so hydrate the skin, build up its immunity and generally improve the appearance.  The Argireline Solution is the first product I use morning and evening and it is designed for lines and wrinkles. The order that you put the products on your face really does matter and there is loads of advice on this on the Deciem website.

The Ordinary Argireline Solution, 10%

It is a serum but actually texture wise is like water, it comes in a little dropper bottle and you need about 2 drops. The instructions tell you to put the drops onto your fingers and pat it on to your forehead and around the eyes. I have actually been putting it on those places as well as laughter lines and my neck. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles but they are starting. This soaks in really well and really quickly, it tightens the skin but doesn’t make the skin feel tight. I leave this on for about 10 seconds to soak in then move on to my next product.

Step two for me is the Hyaluronic acid 2% plus vitamin B5. This is in the Hydrators and Oils section of The Ordinary. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to your skin, its job is to retain water and moisture in your skin. It is gentle, promotes supple skin and reduces the signs of wrinkles. It is quite gooey in texture and seems sticky at first but on the skin it soaks in well and again feels like it tightens the skin. With this product and the Argireline Solution I really feel that it has made a difference to the look and feel of my skin, it feels smoother, plumper and I think it has reduced the wrinkles I was starting to see. The solutions stay on my skin but without leaving a residue.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

Finally I use the Natural Moisturising Factors plus Hyaluronic acid. This is the last step of the three and  goes on directly after the first 2 products. This is a light moisturiser and probably the closest to a normal off the shelf moisturiser. I pat this into my skin rather than rub and it absorbs really well. It is designed to moisturise the top layer of skin and create a barrier and I honestly feel like it does. It really goes well under make up.

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml

I have really felt the difference in my skin since using these three products. I use them day and night and I genuinely enjoy using them. There is little to no smell from these products and I love the packaging. They look really clean and clinical. This cost me under £20 which I think is really good value for money with the most expensive being the moisturising factor at just over £6 but that is because I got the big tub, there is a smaller tub which I believe is just under £4.

They also do a 2 step bundle which I think is really good value with the squalane cleanser, hyaluronic acid and Natural moisturising factors.

The Daily Set.Three Hydrating Formulas. Squalane cleanser(50ml)&The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 face serum (30ML)&Natural Moisturizing factors+HA (30ml) Ordinary Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I would recommend this brand and the products that I brought, of course you need to understand what would suit your skin the best depending on type and I would certainly suggest going on the website and doing your research.

I hope you enjoyed reading.