The Spring Tag

Hi everyone

It’s been a long time since I did a tag on my blog but it’s also been a fair while since I posted on my blog it’s been so busy. So I thought this might be a good way for me to start blogging again. I love spring, it’s my birthday in April and I love seeing baby animals about, something about Spring fills me with hope. So here goes with The Spring Tag.

1.) Favourite spring nail polish? I got a sensationail kit for Christmas this year so normally I would be going for pastel pinks but this year I’m going bright pink. I’ve put the link here. I love this colour it’s so vibrant and the sensationail kit means it also for weeks. 

2.) What is your must-have lip colour this spring? I love Revolution lip glosses. I got them in a pack for Christmas and actually the photo doesn’t do the justice they are much more pinky than they appear. My favourite is the darkest one which was a surprise to me actually but it just makes a look.

3.) What is your favourite spring dress? I literally just brought a new spring dress and I love it. It’s a really good transition dress as it can still be worn with tights but has short sleeves and is bright and floral. Floral are a big trend this spring. It’s from New Look, I love them for dresses.

4.) What’s your favourite flower? My favourite flowers are roses, I love them. I forget how much I like them until I see them. My boyfriend gave me a huge bunch for Valentine’s Day. Admittedly they are not very Spring like but I still love them.

5.) Favourite spring scarf or accessory? I have 2, the first being when I am hanging around the house I love this cute headband, it’s so pretty and it’s also really good for my hair as it’s soft and doesnt drag or break the hair. The next is the beautiful hair grips. I can’t believe that they are only from Primark they are so cute and add something a bit special to any hair do.

6.) What spring trends are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!) I am most excited about florals, I know I mentioned this previously but I do love florals? The other thing I really like for this seasons trends is all white, creams and nudes but unfortunately I’m too messey to go too far into this trend.

7.) Favourite spring candle? I love vanilla, I have some of the vanilla Yankee candles and they smell beautiful. It’s quite classic but hay ho if it’s not broken.

8.) Favourite body spray or perfume for spring? I love Stella Mcartney pop and the best thing is it’s not tested in animals.

9.) What is spring like where you live? It’s bright but cold most of the time with quite a few days when you wake up and think it’s still winter. It’s been nice and sunny and bright today though so I shouldn’t complain.

So that’s the Spring Tag for me. Thanks for reading