Vegan basil, paprika and lemon potatoes

Hi everyone

One thing that that has always been a staple in my diet vegan or before is potatoes, there are so many different varieties and I love trying different recipes. My current favourite is basil, paprika and lemon potatoes.

Boil your potatoes, the portion size depends on you and how many people you are cooking for. I always make too many but they can be eaten hot or cold so don’t worry too much.

While they are boiling you can make your ‘source’, take a some mint (you can either use fresh mint or mint source, I prefer the source as it coats the potatoes) in a bowl, add the juice of one whole lemon, some vegan butter, black pepper, paprika and some chilli if you like a bit of a kick. I have added coriander before also although I didn’t add it to mine this time as I was cooking for others and it is quite a strong flavour. Mix this all together and leave it to ‘soak’ together while the potatoes are boiling.


Once the potatoes are done cover them in the source and serve. If you are serving with a hot dinner you can eat immediately or if you are using with a cold dinner or on another day then leave to cool and place in the fridge, when you are ready to eat just stir well and serve.

I love simple dishes that can be put together quickly and paired with any other foods. I had this at a BBQ and was eaten by meat eaters as well as vegans.  Its also quite a good after work meal as you can shove it in the oven , have your shower an it will be done.

What are your favourite recipes for quick simple dishes, let me know if you try this dish.

Thanks for reading