Vegan breakfast

Hi everyone 

So if you have been following my blog or instagram (AKLBeauty) you may have noticed that I am a vegan (or at late I am trying to). I love breakfast and thankfully it is one of the easiest meals to go vegan with and it’s not just fruit and smoothies you can indulge as well. 

One of my favourite breakfasts is Avacardo on toast but over the holidays I have expanded this a bit further. Here is my indulgent but still vegan breakfast recipe. 

Here are the items you will need….

Mushrooms – any shape/size you have in

Avacardo – ready to eat (if you can squeeze them but not break the skin then you get a good idea that they are ready to eat)

A lime or lemon (which ever you prefer)

Vegan butter – I use the Pure range, but there is also vitality, Sainsbury’s own brands and many more

Vegan soft cheese – I have tried both this violate one and also Sainsbury’s own and they  are both great choices.

Morrisons hash browns – Morrisons are vegan but any vegan has browns are great.

 Here is what you do….

Place the hash browns in the oven for 15/20 minutes – I like mine to be brown around the edges

While the hash browns are cooking slice the Avacardo down the middle and squeeze the end till the middle come out (if you see what I mean) and then mash with a squeeze of your lemon or lime to taste 

Once the hash browns are nearly cooked place the butter and sliced mushrooms in a plan on medium heat and fry until soft then add your soft cheese to taste (I like lots so that it creates like a source)

Toast your bread and add butter if you like then top with your avacardo

Place it all on a plate or bowl (I like to keep my bits separate) and enjoy.

It’s very yummy and the mushrooms are so creamy that they feel really luxurious. Sometimes during the holidays or at weekends you just need an extra bit of yummyness and this is my version of that.

What is your favourite vegan breakfast? How d you make it that little bit special?

Thanks for reading