Vegan chocolate bars review – Montezuma’s

Hi everyone

I am a bit late posting this as I actually got this chocolate as part of my valentines day present so by the time of reading this I imagine this chocolate will be long gone and I will have probably repurchased but I kind of thought if any of you are thinking about Easter coming up and are looking for vegan chocolate that isn’t just chocolate eggs then this may still be useful (or if you are reading this and for peckish for chocolate this may also be useful).

So this is a mini vegan chocolate haul from the brand Montezuma’s and I got the Lordy Lord bar, the Sea dog, black forest gateau and Absolute black with orange. Looking at the prices even though mine were gifts they range from about £2/3 so quite reasonable for vegan chocolate. They do a range of non vegan as well so please be careful when choosing.

The first one I tried was the Lordy Lord which is dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. This is really yummy, its quite dark which sounds obvious but I mention as I personally prefer the light dark chocolate bars but the cocoa nibs really add to this though – yummy. I think this might make a good addition to puddings or grated over an Expresso Martini (just saying).

The next one is the Sea Dog which is dark chocolate with lime and sea salt. This is a little weird I have to say, not bad weird but the lime is a strange flavour with salt and chocolate. I love dark chocolate and sea salt but the main flavour in this chocolate does seem to be lime so it might be an acquired taste. It is very moreish though because of the salt and the dark chocolate mixture but I think for me just the salt would have been a better combo.

The next one and tried and I would have to say is my favourite is the Black Forest Gateau. This is again dark chocolate with cherry and this one is called pudding bars for some reason not chocolate bars. I thought it had pieces of cherry in which out me off slightly but it doesn’t it is cherry flavoured dark chocolate and very moreish. It is sweet and yummy but quite sickly so you only need a little bit but that is probably good!

Finally the last one I have is the Absolute Black which is dark chocolate with orange and cocoa nibs. I also really like this one orange chocolate is one of my favourite flavours so the cherry one only just pips this. It is exactly what you would expect form a chocolate orange chocolate bar so if you are just buying one then this is the safest option I think.

So that is my little gift haul, have you tried this chocolate brand and any of the range, they do vegan gifts as well so I am going to have a look at what they have to offer there. Let me know if you think ive missed out on any good ones.

Thanks for reading.