Vegan hand cream Review – The Body Shop British Rose

Hi everyone

A little while ago I talked about the fact that I have a big issues with keeping my hands moisturised, I have really dry skin on my hands all year around and no matter how often I apply moisturiser. It gets worse in winter or if for example I do a big clean without gloves (whoops) but even if I try it still looks terrible. So I am constantly on the look out for a hand moisturiser that is going to solve my issues.


For my birthday this year my boyfriend brought me this lovely tube of The body shop Vegan British Rose hand cream and I love it. Its smells amazing, I wouldn’t have normally gone for rose as it can sometimes be a little over powering but this one is just right it smells amazing but just about the right amount and it is so fresh and sweet.

It also rubs in really well with no greasy residue which is great as I have tried so many hand creams and then had to sit there not touching anything while it soaks in.

Then comes the most important parts does it cure my dry hand issues, well yes actually for the most part because it rubs in so well and smells so nice I am encouraged to use it as it is do convenient.

Do you have any recommendations on hand creams that you use or what do you think of this?

Thanks for reading